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Schlag den Raab
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Genre Game show
Created by Stefan Raab
Directed byLadislaus Kiraly
Presented by Matthias Opdenhövel (2006–2011)
Steven Gätjen (2011–2015)
StarringStefan Raab
Country of originGermany
Original languageGerman
No. of series11
No. of episodes55
ProducerJörg Grabosch
Production locations Mülheim, Cologne, Germany
Running time226 up to 371 minutes (including commercials)
Production companies Raab TV,
Original network ProSieben
Original release23 September 2006 (2006-09-23) 
19 December 2015 (2015-12-19)
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Schlag den Raab (German pronunciation: [ʃlaːk deːn ʁaːp] , German for Beat (the) Raab) was a live game show that was televised by German television channel ProSieben on Saturday evenings from September 2006 until December 2015. A total of six episodes were produced and broadcast each year and featured one contestant competing with media personality Stefan Raab in a number of disciplines for a variable amount of money.



At the beginning of an episode five possible candidates (usually four men and one woman) were introduced to the audience. Each candidate presented him- or herself in a short video clip of one minute (three minutes before the 45th episode). The TV audience then determined the person to compete with Stefan Raab by televoting. One episode consisted of up to 15 games between Raab and the contestant plus one tiebreaker game if the scoreline was even after the fifteenth game. Each episode consecutively won by Raab added €500,000 to the jackpot, e.g. the prize money in an episode following three consecutive Raab victories summed up to €2,000,000. A losing contestant did not receive any prize money at all, regardless of the final scoreline.

The games included sports contests such as biathlon, go-karting, badminton and ice hockey, puzzles, quizzes and various other challenges, each episode featuring different games than the ones before, except for one quiz called Blamieren oder Kassieren, which appeared in almost every episode. The majority of games were played in the studio, a few games had to be carried out outside (like the aforementioned biathlon contest or riding a speed boat in the Cologne harbor). The first game awarded one point, the second game two points and up to fifteen points for the fifteenth game. The show ended once Raab or his opponent gained more than 60 of the possible 120 points. Therefore, the earliest point to win an episode was after completion of the eleventh game (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11=66). Due to this extraordinary distribution of points it was possible to win an episode despite losing the majority of games, e.g. if one was successful the final five games (11+12+13+14+15=65) while the opponent was successful in the first ten games (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10=55).

Six episodes of Schlag den Raab were broadcast each year, three in the first half of the year and another three in the second half of the year. The last episode aired on 19 December 2015. For this last episode, each of fifteen contestants faced Raab in one game. Each contestant who managed to defeat Raab received €100,000 from the €1.5 million prize fund and moved on to a final game. For the final game, all of the contestants who had beaten Raab played against each other for the remaining money. Six contestants beat Raab in their games, so that the winner of the final game received an additional €900,000.

Each episode also featured up to four music artists.


As the show was broadcast live and the games were of different duration, a single episode generally had no fixed time limit. It regularly ran for four or more hours including commercials. The very first episode ended just after midnight at 00:01 after a runtime of three hours and 46 minutes and was therefore the shortest episode. The 49th and longest episode ended at 02:23, [1] [2] which equals a runtime of six hours and eight minutes. [3]

Raab won 38 of the 54 episodes, not counting the final episode in which Raab faced multiple opponents. He was first defeated in the third episode, when contestant Matthias Göbel won €1.5 million. The highest amount won by a single contestant was €3.5 million (Bernd Stadelmann on 15 December 2012). On three occasions an episode ended after just eleven games – each time Raab being the winner. The fastest candidate to beat Raab was Deaon Maxwell (episode 27) after 12 games. Two candidates, one female and one male, were defeated without scoring a single point. Until 25 April 2015 no woman had defeated Raab. [4]

All candidates except Jan May (episode 12) were younger than Raab on the date of the episode. On 1 November 2014, the episode had to be postponed for the first time in the history of the show, as Raab was suffering from a severe cold. [5] That episode eventually aired a fortnight later, on 15 November 2014. [1] [2]

In June 2015, Raab announced his retirement from television, which ultimately led to the show's cancellation in the same year. The last episode aired on 19 December 2015.

Schlag den Raab was one of the most successful Saturday evening shows in Germany in the late 2000s and early 2010s with audiences of up to four million people.


The show was nominated for the Adolf Grimme Awards category entertainment/special in 2007 and 2008. [6] Schlag den Raab won the Deutscher Fernsehpreis for Best Entertainment Show in 2007, [7] and won a Goldene Kamera in the category Entertainment in 2008. [8]


EpisodeDatePrize moneyContestantEnd resultGamesWinnerEnd of the showMusic
Episode 123 September 2006€0.5MEsther Frericks (30, businesswoman)21–7013Raab00:01 Juli, Nelly Furtado feat. Saukrates, Nena feat. Duncan Townsend
Episode 218 November 2006€1.0MJohannes Rieks (25, student)31–7414Raab00:43 Take That, Katie Melua
Episode 327 January 2007€1.5MMatthias Göbel (31, designing engineer)72–4815contestant00:54 Tokio Hotel, Simply Red, Jamelia
Episode 414 April 2007€0.5MNils-Heiko Hutter (29, pilot)13–6512Raab00:30 Michael Bublé, Joss Stone, Carla Bruni
Episode 59 June 2007€1.0MPeter Dietrich (39, doctor)70–3514contestant01:16 Melanie C, Max Mutzke
Episode 615 September 2007€0.5MMartin Trautz (38, policeman)60–6015+1contestant01:21 James Blunt, Sportfreunde Stiller, Monrose
Episode 73 November 2007€0.5MSonja Bartelt (33, policewoman)19–7213Raab00:17 Max Mutzke, Nicole Scherzinger
Episode 815 December 2007€1.0MGene Allen (38, financial adviser)56–6415Raab01:01 Peter Cincotti, Room2012
Episode 919 January 2008€1.5MArvid Bollmann (39, teacher)35–7014Raab00:57 Stefanie Heinzmann, Ich + Ich
Episode 105 April 2008€2.0MJens Ohlemeyer (35, teacher)25–6613Raab00:22 Duffy, Gregor Meyle
Episode 1131 May 2008€2.5MOlufemi Smith (29, marketing manager)65–5515contestant01:32 Estelle, Leona Lewis
Episode 1213 September 2008€0.5MJan May (44, sauna worker)29–6213Raab00:31 Sarah Connor, Katy Perry, Pussycat Dolls
Episode 131 November 2008€1.0M Ole Bischof (29, judoka)3–6311Raab00:08 Rosenstolz, Stefanie Heinzmann, Grace Jones
Episode 1420 December 2008€1.5MMarkus Kapries (39, doctor)19–7213Raab00:48 James Blunt, Queensberry
Episode 1517 January 2009€2.0MMarcus Gangloff (39, teacher)33–7214Raab00:43 Max Mutzke, James Morrison, Mando Diao
Episode 1618 April 2009€2.5MMarkus "Oku" Okuesa (32, teacher and musician)43–6214Raab01:28 Silbermond, Milow, Lady Gaga
Episode 1723 May 2009€3.0MNino Haase (26, chemistry doctorand)63–5715contestant01:34 Daniel Merriweather, The Black Eyed Peas, Sportfreunde Stiller
Episode 1812 September 2009€0.5MHans-Martin Schulze (24, pharmacy intern)68–5215contestant00:41 Stefanie Heinzmann, Tokio Hotel, Jan Delay
Episode 1931 October 2009€0.5MOliver Wojahn (41, professor)20–7113Raab00:56 Marius Müller-Westernhagen, Pixie Lott, Ich + Ich
Episode 2019 December 2009€1.0MAmelie Mooseder (24, student)20–7113Raab00:41 Xavier Naidoo, Robbie Williams, Some & Any, Gossip
Episode 2116 January 2010€1.5MTorsten Reichan (31, pilot)15–6312Raab00:03 Aura Dione, Alicia Keys
Episode 2210 April 2010€2.0MHans Martin Wismar (29, emergency surgeon)64–4114contestant00:46 Gentleman, Cheryl Cole
Episode 238 May 2010€0.5M Thorsten Engelmann (28, controller)42–6314Raab01:00 Toni Braxton, Lena, Die Fantastischen Vier
Episode 2418 September 2010€1.0MThorsten Knaack (29, teacher)72–4815contestant01:35 Phil Collins, Kylie Minogue, Juli
Episode 2523 October 2010€0.5MRia Sabay (25, student)0–6611Raab00:26 Mando Diao, Christian Durstewitz, Aloe Blacc
Episode 2618 December 2010€1.0MHeiko Schumacher (28, logistician)64–2713contestant00:41 LaVive, Cee-Lo Green
Episode 2715 January 2011€0.5MDeaon Maxwell (33, student)61–1712contestant00:08 Max Mutzke, Bruno Mars
Episode 282 April 2011€0.5MAlexandra Stegmann (27, management consultant)18–7313Raab00:37 Milow, Natalia Kills
Episode 294 June 2011€1.0MTobias Rieder (29, army doctor)44–6114Raab01:33 Jessie J, Avril Lavigne
Episode 3017 September 2011€1.5MGil Kwamo-Kamdem (30, policeman)60–6015+1contestant01:49 Lenny Kravitz, Udo Lindenberg feat. Inga Humpe, Lena
Episode 3115 October 2011€0.5MKlaus Hermann (39, insurance broker)68–3714contestant01:14 Rosenstolz, Blue Man Group & Tracy Bonham, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Episode 3217 December 2011€0.5MOliver Wallkötter (38, soldier)0–6611Raab00:25 Flying Steps, Zaz, Flo Mega
Episode 3317 March 2012€1.0MAlexander Bitsch (32, customs dog handler)48–7215Raab02:05 Caligola, Stefanie Heinzmann, Unheilig
Episode 3414 April 2012€1.5MReint Janssen (30, sport scientist)41–6414Raab00:22 Rebecca Ferguson, Roman Lob, Der König tanzt
Episode 355 May 2012€2.0MPeter Grünberg (43, pediatrician)39–6614Raab00:50 Mandy Capristo, Jason Mraz, Amy Macdonald
Episode 3622 September 2012€2.5MManuela Kurrat (30, detective superintendent)34–7114Raab01:38 Lena, Joss Stone, Gossip
Episode 3717 November 2012€3.0MMario Anastasopoulos (44, joiner)23–6813Raab00:59 Lana Del Rey, Die Fantastischen Vier, Udo Lindenberg
Episode 3815 December 2012€3.5MBernd Stadelmann (27, farmer)70–5015contestant00:58 Taylor Swift, Deichkind, Seeed
Episode 3912 January 2013€0.5MBjörn Schmitz (37, sport scientist)32–7314Raab01:31Xavas, Ellie Goulding, Max Raabe
Episode 4016 March 2013€1.0MAndreas Mai (32, physicist)21–7013Raab00:43 Robbie Williams, Lena, Leslie Clio
Episode 4111 May 2013€1.5MAndré Bergermann (37, steelworker)40–6514Raab01:03 Gentleman, Hurts, Zaz
Episode 427 September 2013€2.0MPio Suh (38, lawyer)29–6213Raab00:45 Birdy, Ivy Quainoo, Miley Cyrus
Episode 4316 November 2013€2.5MDavid Fritsch (32, detective superintendent)6–7212Raab00:43 Katy Perry, Eminem, Adel Tawil
Episode 4421 December 2013€3.0MAnish Pulickal (32, social worker)64–5615contestant01:54 Placebo, Casper, Thomas D
Episode 4515 February 2014€0.5MMichael Jentzsch (38, teacher)18–7313Raab00:44 Lorde, Christoph Maria Herbst, Marteria
Episode 4629 March 2014€1.0MCaroline Gessner (25, Bundeswehr officer)17–6112Raab00:36 Bastille, Clean Bandit
Episode 473 May 2014€1.5MMaximilian Heizmann (31, ranger)21–7013Raab00:37 Lily Allen, Mando Diao
Episode 4813 September 2014€2.0MLiane Weber (28, fitness trainer)37–6814Raab01:16 Maroon 5, Kiesza
Episode 4915 November 2014€2.5MPeter Meiners (34, media analyst)74–4615contestant02:23 [1] [2] [3] Die Fantastischen Vier, The Script
Episode 5020 December 2014€0.5MJenna Timm (25, detective)13–6512Raab00:58 Cro, Zaz, Charley Ann Schmutzler
Episode 5110 January 2015€1.0MJan-Marco Montag (31, student)31–7414Raab01:36 Herbert Grönemeyer, Ella Henderson
Episode 5225 April 2015€1.5MMaria Kleinebrahm (27, doctor)61–5915contestant01:24 Stefanie Heinzmann, Ann Sophie
Episode 5312 September 2015€0.5MRobert Klauß (30, PE teacher, football coach)18–7313Raab01:13 Joss Stone, Sido ft. Andreas Bourani
Episode 5424 October 2015€1.0MMarkus Schulz (32, precision mechanic)34–7114Raab01:17 Louane Emera, Lena, Justin Bieber
Episode 5519 December 2015€1.5M15 persons from the public-15-01:55Stefan Raab & the Heavytones

Three other series have been created with the same format as Schlag den Raab:

International versions

Schlag den Raab has been sold to these countries Schlag den Raab - World Locations.png
Schlag den Raab has been sold to these countries
CountryTitleNetworkHostCompeting againstGamesDate aired
Flag of the Arab League.svg  Arab World إغلب السقا
Eghleb El-Saqqa
MBC Razan Moughrabi Ahmed El Sakka 624 April 2020
Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia Beat the Star Seven Network Daniel MacPherson Changed weeklyUnknown7 September 2010
Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria Разбий Иван и Андрей
Razbii Ivan i Andrei
Nova Television Ivan and AndreyIvan and Andrey1126 September 2011
Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia Pobijedi Šolu RTL Televizija Belma Hodžic Vlado Šola 1520 February 2009
Flag of France.svg  France Qui peut battre Benjamin Castaldi? [9] TF1 Carole Rousseau and Denis Brognart Benjamin Castaldi 1329 November 2008
Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia დაამარცხე ვარსკვლავი
Daamartskhe Varskvlavi
Rustavi 2 Ann KorkiaUnknownUnknown14 June 2010
Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Beat De Mol Veronica TV Johnny De MolVariousUnknown9 November 2010
Flag of Norway.svg  Norway Hvem kan slå Ylvis
Hvem kan slå Aamodt og Kjus
TV Norge Frithjof Wilborn (1st edition)
Henriette Bruusgaard
Pia Lykke (2nd edition)
Ylvis brothers
Kjetil André Aamodt & Lasse Kjus
Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia Izađi na crtu Prva Srđan KaranovićMilan Kalinić1525 September 2011
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden Vem kan slå Filip och Fredrik? [10] Kanal 5 Pontus Gårdinger Filip and Fredrik 159 September 2008
Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine Побий ведучого
Pobij veduchogo
1+1 Ostap Stupka and Nikolay VasilkovAndrew Domanskiy427 May 2012
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom Beat the Star [11] [12] ITV Vernon Kay Changed weeklyUnknown20 April 2008

Video games

Several video game adaptations of the show have been released for the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows platforms in Germany since 10 September 2010, as numerous versions of a board game and a quiz. Schlag den Star, a game for the Nintendo Switch, was developed by Lost the Game Studios and published by bitComposer Games in Germany. [13] The first edition for the Wii was a success in the German market. [14]

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