Seacrow Island

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Seacrow Island
Author Astrid Lindgren
Original titleVi på Saltkråkan
Illustrator Ilon Wikland
Language Swedish
Publisher Rabén & Sjögren
Publication date
Published in English
Preceded by Vi på Saltkråkan  
Followed by Scrap and the Pirates  

Seacrow Island (original title: Vi på Saltkråkan) is a children's book written by Astrid Lindgren. The story continues in the book Scrap and the Pirates .



Family Melkersson from Stockholm goes to Seacrow Island to live at Carpenter’s Cottage during their summer holidays. Melker, a widowed father of four, has rented the house, without seeing it before. When it starts raining through the roof, the family is a little disappointed but soon begins to love the house by the sea. While the 19-year-old daughter Malin, takes care of the house and goes on dates, her oldest brothers Johan and Niklas befriend with Teddy and Freddy who are living on the Island. Together the friends experience a lot of adventures, like getting lost in the ocean, during a foggy day. Teddy’s and Freddy’s sister Tjorven befriends with Pelle, Melker’s youngest son. Tjorven has a giant Bernard, that Pelle likes really much. He is a little jealous that Tjorven has such a great animal. Pelle and Tjorven are often joined by Stina, who visits her grandfather during the holidays. As Pelle loves animals so much Tjorven gets him a rabbit called Jocke that Tjorven takes care of when Pelle is in Stockholm. After several holidays on the island, the Carpenter’s Cottage should be sold, by the owner. Family Melkersson is very sad, because they do not have enough money to buy the house. So it seems to get sold to a rich man who wants to demolish their beloved house to build a holiday house on it. When Melker finally gets a lot of money, for writing a book, the house seems to be sold already by the estate agent. Pelle and Tjorven, however, manage to contact the owner of the house and can convince her to sell the house to Melker. Now the family is able to stay on Seacrow Island whenever they want.



The book is based on the TV series Vi på Saltkråkan and the film Tjorven, Båtsman och Moses. While the book has been translated into English, the TV series and film have not. Seacrow Island is the biggest novel that Astrid Lindgren wrote, containing 360 pages. [1]

The story takes place on the fictional holiday island Seacrow Island which doesn't really exist. However, some real places are mentioned in the book, including Söderöra, Furusund and Rödlöga. Thus, Seacrow Island is located on the northern Stockholm archipelago. [2] Astrid Lindgren and her family often spent their summers on the Island Furusund at the Stockholm archipelago. Many of Astrid Lindgren's books were written there. After thirty summer holidays at the Stockholm archipelago, Lindgren started to write Vi på Saltkråkan which takes place on a fictional island over there. [3]

Saltkråkan (the Swedish name for Seacrow Island) is named after a sailing boat of the Lindgren family in Furusund. Astrid Lindgren bought this boat from Hans Rabén. [1]


The author Lena Gorelik says that Seacrow Island is the most important book in her life. She says that she often reads it when she is sick, as there is no other thing that can comfort her as much as the book. While reading the book it can be laughed and cried. [4]

April Bernard from The New York Review of Books believes that the book is "an idyll about a family and a village". She has been enchanted by the beautiful book and says that it is suitable for children and for adults. [5]

According to International Board on Books for Young People, International Institute for Children's Literature and Reading Research & International Institute for Children's, Juvenile, and Popular Literature, the book is similar to those based on the Six Bullerby Children. However, Astrid Lindgren gave the children "new surroundings and also developed them into independent children with a great love for animals and nature". [6]

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The name "Tjorven" is a fictional character created by Astrid Lindgren. It comes from a popular Swedish family show on television in the early 1960s. Based on a script by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, the story is about a number of characters living in the archipelago outside Stockholm. A central character is a plump and sunny little girl nicknamed Tjorven. In the movies of Saltkråkan the character was portrayed by Swedish actress Maria Johansson.

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Vi på Saltkråkan is a Swedish TV series in 13 25-minute episodes from 1964. The script for the series was written by Astrid Lindgren, who later re-wrote it as a book, also titled Vi på Saltkråkan. Astrid Lindgren was closely involved in the filming and editing of the series, which took place on Norröra in the Stockholm archipelago. The series was produced and directed by Olle Hellbom.

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Junibacken is a children’s attraction, founded by Staffan Götestam, Fredrik Uhrström and Peder Wallenberg. It is situated on the island of Djurgården in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden.

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Never Violence! or Never Violence is the title of a speech made by Astrid Lindgren in 1978, when she received the peace prize Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels. It is one of the most well-known and influential speeches by Lindgren. Astrid Lindgren speaks against corporal punishment of children. A year later, in Lindgren's home country Sweden, a law was released that forbid corporal punishment of children. In 1978, the speech was first published as a book under the German title Astrid Lindgren: Ansprachen anlässlich der Verleihung des Friedenspreises des Deutschen Buchhandels . Later the book was also published in many different languages. In 2009, a German short film called Never Violence had been published at Children's Day. It was based on the story mentioned in Lindgrens speech.

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Astrid Lindgren’s plays are a number of theater plays written by Astrid Lindgren in the 1940s to 1970s. Part of the plays are based on her books, other stories were only written for theater. Since almost all of Astrid Lindgren's works have been staged for theater, this page only deals with the plays, whose scripts were written by Astrid Lindgren. Many of these works were published in the Swedish books Sex Pjäser för barn och ungdom (1950), Serverat, Ers Majestät! (1955) and Praeser för barn och ungdom. Other Samlingen (1968). Most of these works have not been translated into English. These include stories about well-known characters such as Kalle Blomquist or Pippi Longstocking, which were only written for the theater and were not published as prose.


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