Secret of the Blue Room (1932 film)

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Secret of the Blue Room
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Directed by Erich Engels
Screenplay by Arnold Lippschitz  [ fr; de ] [1]
Produced byErich Engels [1]
Cinematography Hugo von Kaweczynski [1]
Edited by Paul May [1]
Music byHeinz Letton [1]
Engels & Schmidt Tonfilm [1]
Distributed byEngels & Schmidt Tonfilm [1]
Release date
  • 13 December 1932 (1932-12-13)(Berlin)
Running time
73 minutes [1]
CountryGermany [1]

Secret of the Blue Room (German : Geheimnis des blauen Zimmers) is a 1932 German mystery film directed by Erich Engels and starring Theodor Loos, Else Elster and Hans Adalbert Schlettow. [2]


The film began shooting on 28 October 1932 at Tempelhof Studios in Berlin. [1]

It was remade by Universal Studios in the United States as The Secret of the Blue Room . [3]


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