Sepp Mayerl

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Sepp Mayerl
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Born(1937-04-14)April 14, 1937
Göriach, Tyrol, Austria
DiedJuly 28, 2012(2012-07-28) (aged 75)
Lavant, Tyrol
Climbing career
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Sepp Mayerl, also known as Blasl-Sepp (April 14, 1937 − July 28, 2012) was an Austrian mountaineer.

Mayerl was born on April 14, 1937 as the youngest of seven children into a farmer's family in the Tyrolean village of Göriach near Dölsach. He is renowned for making the first ascent of Lhotse Shar  — a subsidiary summit of Lhotse — in May 1970 together with his friend Rolf Walter and for first climbing Mt. Jitchu Drake in May 1983 with Werner Sucher, Albert Egger, Alois Stuckler and Toni Ponholzer.

Mayerl fell to his death in the Lienzer Dolomites on July 28, 2012 while ascending the north ridge of the Adlerwand. [1] He was 75.

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