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Seymour Robbie (August 25, 1919 – June 17, 2004) was a director of American television programs, whose work ranged from 1951 ( Down You Go ) to 1990 ( Father Dowling Mysteries ). His credits include game shows (e.g., The $64,000 Question ), crime dramas (e.g., Kojak ), action-adventure programs (e.g., Wonder Woman ), and sitcoms (e.g., F Troop ). He was born in New York City.


Robbie directed one or more episodes of each of the following programs during the following years:

Down You Go 1951
Colonel Humphrey Flack 1953
Omnibus 1955
The $64,000 Question 1955
The Jackie Gleason Show 1961
Valentine's Day 1964
Honey West 1965
Burke's Law 1965
The Farmer's Daughter 1965
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 1965–66
Mister Roberts 1965–66
That Girl 1966–67
The Green Hornet 1966–67
F Troop 1966–67
Judd, for the Defense 1967
The Family Game 1967
Insight 1967–74
Hawaii Five-O 1968
The Good Guys 1969
The Virginian 1969–70
C.C. and Company 1970
Matt Lincoln 1970
Mannix 1970
Mission: Impossible 1970
Dan August 1971
Room 222 1971–72
Cannon 1971–74
The F.B.I. 1972–74
Marco 1973
The Streets of San Francisco 1973–75
Barnaby Jones 1973–79
Kojak 1974
Kolchak: The Night Stalker 1975
Ellery Queen 1975–76
The Feather and Father Gang 1976–77
Police Story 1976–77
The Andros Targets 1977
Wonder Woman 1977–78
The Paper Chase 1978
Switch 1978
Hart to Hart: Murder Between Friends 1979
Mrs. Columbo 1979
Trapper John, M.D. 1980–82
Remington Steele 1983–87
Murder, She Wrote 1984–89
Sledge Hammer! 1987
Matlock 1989
Father Dowling Mysteries 1990

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