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Shahram Shabpareh
شهرام شب‌پره
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Shahram Shabpareh in August 2018
Background information
Birth nameShahram Shabpareh
Also known asThe King of Persian Pop Music
Born (1948-02-06) 6 February 1948 (age 72)
Khorramdarreh, Zanjan, Iran
Origin Khorramdarreh,Zanjan, Iran
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, composer , actor
InstrumentsGuitar , electric guitar , guitar bass , keyboard , piano , drums
Years active1964present
Labels Taraneh Records
Caltex Records
Avang Records
Pars Video
MZM Records
Tapesh Records

Shahram Shabpareh (Persian : شهرام شب‌پره) is an Iranian Pop singer and songwriter. [1]



He started his career as a drum player in the early 1960s when he was 13. In the mid 1960s at the age of 17, he formed a band of his own named "Rebels". [2]

After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Shahram, who had migrated to California a few years earlier, did not have the opportunity to return to his homeland. Since then, he has been living in the United States.

With a career spanning 50 years, he is a popular artist in Iranian society [3] and his concerts are well-received by Iranians all over the world. [4] [5] [6] [7] He is a judge on Persian Talent Show.


Studio albums

Shahram Shabpareh in a Persian New Year Concert, Arena Oberhausen, March 2014 Shahram Shabpareh - Persian pop songer - March 2014.JPG
Shahram Shabpareh in a Persian New Year Concert, Arena Oberhausen, March 2014


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