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The Dentsu Building in Higashi-Shinbashi Dentsu.jpg
The Dentsu Building in Higashi-Shinbashi
A yakitori shop under the railway tracks near Shimbashi Yakatori bar at Shimbashi.jpg
A yakitori shop under the railway tracks near Shimbashi

Shinbashi (新橋), sometimes transliterated Shimbashi, is a district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan.



Read literally, the characters in Shinbashi mean "new bridge".


The area was the site of a bridge built across the Shiodome River in 1604. The river was later filled in. [1] Shinbashi was the Tokyo terminus of the first railway in Japan in 1872. It remains a major railway hub and has since developed into a commercial center, most recently with the construction of the Shiodome "Shiosite" high-rise office complex.

Places in Shinbashi


The Shiodome City Center building in Shiodome includes the corporate headquarters and public and investor relations offices of Fujitsu, [2] the headquarters of All Nippon Airways, [3] [4] and the headquarters of ANA subsidiaries Air Nippon and ANA & JP Express. [5] [6] In addition ANA subsidiary Air Japan has some offices in Shiodome City Center. [7] In the late 1960s All Nippon Airways had its headquarters in the Hikokan Building in Shinbashi. [8]

Other companies in Shinbashi include:[ citation needed ]

Train stations


Minato City Board of Education operates public elementary and junior high schools.

Shinbashi 1-6-chōme is zoned to Onarimon Elementary School (御成門小学校) and Onarimon Junior High School (御成門中学校). [9]

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Shinbashi in 1908 Hakuhinkan.jpg
Shinbashi in 1908
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