Shinobu Otake

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Shinobu Otake
大竹 しのぶ
Born (1957-07-17) July 17, 1957 (age 64)
Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Actress
Years active1973–present
Agent Avex Management, Inc.
Spouse(s)Seiji Hattori (1982-1987)
Sanma Akashiya (1988-1992)

Shinobu Otake (大竹 しのぶ, Ōtake Shinobu, born 17 July 1957) is a Japanese actress. She has won three Japanese Academy Awards: the 2000 Best Actress award for Railroad Man , and the 1979 awards for both Best Actress ( The Incident ) and Best Supporting Actress (Seishoku no ishibumi). She also won the award for best actress at the 12th Hochi Film Award for Eien no 1/2 . [1] At the 25th Moscow International Film Festival she won the award for Best Actress for her role in Owl . [2] She has received a total of 12 nominations.


She was the favoured lead actress of director Kaneto Shindo after his previous lead actress, Nobuko Otowa, died in 1994, and featured in four of his films from Will to Live in 1999 to Postcard in 2011. [3]

Otake has also acted on the stage. She performed during the last segment of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Closing Ceremony along Tokyo’s Suginami Children Chorus, singing the song "Hoshimeguri no Uta" (Star Tour Song) composed by Kenji Miyazawa, as the Olympic flame was extinguished. [4]

Personal life

Otake was born and grew up mostly in Tokyo. In 1982 she married Seiji Hattori, a Tokyo Broadcasting director who died in 1987.[ citation needed ] One year later, Otake married Akashiya Sanma, but got divorced in 1992.[ citation needed ] In the early 1990s Otake lived with playwright Hideki Noda.[ citation needed ]

Otake has two children, Nichika, a son by Hattori and Imaru, a daughter by Sanma.[ citation needed ] After her divorce she kept custody.



1975 The Gate of Youth Orie Maki Kirio Urayama
1976The Human Revolution 2Nobuko Toshio Masuda
1977The Gate of Youth Part 2Orie MakiKirio Urayama
Tora-san Plays Cupid Yoji Yamada
1978 The Demon Yoshitarō Nomura
The Incident Yoshitarō Nomura
Seishoku no ishibumi Shirō Moritani
1979 Nomugi Pass Mine Masai Satsuo Yamamoto Lead role
Oh, My son! Keisuke Kinoshita
1980 Twelve Months Anja (voice) Kimio Yabuki Lead role
1983Children of NagasakiKeisuke Kinoshita
1984 Mahjong Hōrōki Mayumi Makoto Wada
1985Family Without a Dinner Table Masaki Kobayashi
1986Beyond the Shining Sea Toshiya Fujita
1987 Eien no 1/2 Kichitaro Negishi Lead role
1992 Original Sin Nami Tsuchiya Takashi Ishii Lead role
1993Rex: A Dinosaur's Story Haruki Kadokawa
1996Five WomenTakashi Ishii
1998Gakko III: The New VoyageYoji Yamada
1999 Railroad Man Shizue Satō Yasuo Furuhata
The Black House Yoshimitsu Morita [5]
Will to Live Kaneto Shindo
2000 Shiki-Jitsu Hideaki Anno
2001 Go Isao Yukisada
2003 Like Asura Yoshimitsu MoritaLead role
Owl Kaneto ShindoLead role
2004Otakus in Love Suzuki Matsuo
2007Kitokito!Yasuhiro YoshidaLead role
Into the Faraway SkyIsao Yukisada
Welcome to the Quiet Room NishinoSuzuki Matsuo
2010 My Darling is a Foreigner Kazuaki Ue
Arrietty Homily (voice) Hiromasa Yonebayashi
Surely Someday Shun Oguri
Here Comes the Bride, My Mom! Yōko Morii Mipo O Lead role
2011 Postcard Kaneto ShindoLead role
2013Before the VigilIsao Yukisada
Leaving on the 15th SpringYasuhiro Yoshida
The Wind Rises Mrs. Kurokawa (voice) Hayao Miyazaki
2015 The Mourner Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Pieta in the ToiletDaishi Matsunaga
Our Little Sister Hirokazu Kore-eda
Galaxy Turnpike Kōki Mitani
2016 Black Widow Business Sayoko TakeuchiYasuo TsuruhashiLead role
Sanada 10 Braves Yodo-dono Yukihiko Tsutsumi
2017 Mary and the Witch's Flower Charlotte (voice)Hiromasa Yonebayashi
2018 Flea-picking Samurai OsuzuYasuo Tsuruhashi
2019ShadowfallNaomi Makabe Tetsuo Shinohara
2021 Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko Nikuko (voice)Ayumu WatanabeLead role [6]
The House of the Lost on the Cape Kiwa (voice)Shin'ya Kawatsura [7]


1975Mizuiro no TokiTomoko Matsumiya NHK Lead role; Asadora
1977KashinOsatoNHK Taiga drama
Taiyō ni Hoero! Yōko Hamada NTV Episode 276
1980Shishi no JidaiChiyoNHKTaiga drama
1983 Tokugawa Ieyasu Odai no Kata NHKTaiga drama
1986Seven Men and Women, Summer StoryMomoko Kanzaki TBS
1987Seven Men and Women, Autumn StoryMomoko KanzakiTBS
1994The Misery of Others is as Sweet as HoneyMayuko KurebayashiTBSLead role
1999Genroku RyōranRikuNHKTaiga drama
2011 Kōdai-in NHKTaiga drama
2017I'm Sorry, I Love YouReiko HyūgaTBS
2019 Idaten Ikue IkebeNHKTaiga drama



In 2012, she became a representative for NTT DoCoMo's "Raku-Raku Smartphone", a smartphone aimed at the over-55s. [9]


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