Single-rail roller coaster

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A single–rail roller coaster is a roller coaster that only rides on one rail instead of the two that other roller coasters ride on.


Alpine/Mountain coasters


Big DipperHot Racer Luna Park Sydney Flag of Australia (converted).svg Australia2021Under construction [7] [8]

Rocky Mountain Construction

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster Raptor Track – Steel Six Flags Fiesta Texas Flag of the United States.svg United States2018Operating [9]
Wonder Woman GLC 3.18.jpg
RailBlazer Raptor Track – Steel California's Great America Flag of the United States.svg United States2018Operating [11] RailBlazer (44990050352).jpg
Jersey Devil Coaster Raptor Track – Steel Six Flags Great Adventure Flag of the United States.svg United States2021Under Construction [12]
Stunt Pilot (roller coaster) Raptor Track – Steel Silverwood Flag of the United States.svg United States2021Under Construction [13]

Skyline Attractions

Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster (•)Skywarp Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Flag of the United States.svg United States2018Operating [14]
Tidal Twister (•)Skywarp Horizon SeaWorld San Diego Flag of the United States.svg United States2019Operating [16]

(*) = track produced by Rocky Mountain Construction

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Steel roller coaster

A steel roller coaster is a roller coaster that is defined by having a track made of steel. Steel coasters have earned immense popularity in the past 50 years throughout the world. Incorporating tubular steel track and polyurethane-coated wheels, the steel roller coasters can provide a taller, smoother, and faster ride with more inversions than a traditional wooden roller coaster.

Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters

Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters (PTC) is one of the oldest existing roller coaster manufacturing companies in the world. Based in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, it was established in 1904 by Henry Auchey and Chester Albright under the name Philadelphia Toboggan Company. The company manufactured carousels, wooden roller coasters, toboggans and later, roller coaster trains.

Flying roller coaster

A flying roller coaster is a type of roller coaster meant to simulate the sensations of flight by harnessing riders in a prone position during the duration of the ride. The roller coaster cars are suspended below the track, with riders secured such that their backs are parallel to the track.

Custom Coasters International

Custom Coasters International (CCI) was one of the premier wooden roller coaster manufacturers in the world and produced 34 wooden coasters in eleven years — more than any other company in recent times.

Anton Schwarzkopf was a German engineer of amusement rides, and founder of the Schwarzkopf Industries Company, which built numerous amusement rides and large roller coasters for both amusement parks and traveling funfairs.

Bolliger & Mabillard, officially Bolliger & Mabillard Consulting Engineers, Inc. and often abbreviated as B&M, is a roller coaster design consultancy based in Monthey, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1988 by Walter Bolliger and Claude Mabillard, both of whom had worked for Giovanola, who supplied rides for Intamin.

Great Coasters International

Great Coasters International, Inc. is a Sunbury, Pennsylvania-based roller coaster manufacturer which has created several award-winning rides since its formation in 1994. Starting in 2006 with Thunderbird at PowerPark in Finland, the company expanded beyond the United States and began building coasters in Europe and Asia. Günter Engelhardt GmbH handles the company's marketing rights in Europe. In addition to designing and building new roller coasters, GCI also refurbishes and re-tracks existing roller coasters, regardless of manufacturer.

Boomerang (roller coaster) Steel roller coaster

Boomerang is a model of roller coaster manufactured and designed by Vekoma, a Dutch manufacturer. The roller coaster model name is from the hunting implement based on the traditions of the Indigenous Australians. As of December 2020 there are 55 Boomerangs operating.

Roller Coaster DataBase

Roller Coaster DataBase (RCDB) is a roller coaster and amusement park database begun in 1996 by Duane Marden. It has grown to feature statistics and pictures of over 10,000 roller coasters from around the world.

TOGO Former Japanese amusement ride company

TOGO was a Japanese amusement ride company that built roller coasters, giant wheels, carousels, flumes, dark rides, sky cycles and other amusement rides.

Allan Herschell Company

The Allan Herschell Company specialized in the creation of amusement rides, particularly carousels and roller coasters. The company manufactured portable machines which could be used by traveling carnival operators. It was started in 1915 in the town of North Tonawanda, just outside Buffalo, New York, US.

Premier Rides

Premier Rides is an amusement ride manufacturer based in the United States. The company was the first to use Linear Induction Motors (LIMs) on their roller coasters. Jim Seay has been the sole owner and company president since 1996.


Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH is a German manufacturer of stationary and transportable amusement rides and roller coasters, located in Münsterhausen, Germany.

This is a list of events and openings related to amusement parks that occurred in 2011. These various lists are not exhaustive.

Rocky Mountain Construction

Rocky Mountain Construction, often abbreviated as RMC, is a manufacturing and construction company based in Hayden, Idaho, United States. The company is best known for its I-Box track and Topper Track for wooden roller coasters.

E&F Miler Industries is a family-owned roller coaster manufacturing firm based in Portland, Oregon, United States. The company specialises in smaller children's roller coasters; however, it has manufactured some larger family roller coasters in the past.

Martin & Vleminckx

Martin & Vleminckx is a roller coaster manufacturing and construction company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with an affiliated office and manufacturing facility in Haines City, Florida, United States, and two subsidiaries, including a warehouse, in China.

Skyline Attractions, LLC is an American amusement ride and roller coaster design and manufacturing company founded in 2014 and based in Orlando, Florida. The company also includes a subsidiary company, Skyline Design, LLC, which offers design services inside and outside the amusement industry.

Hyper Coaster (B&M model)

The Hyper Coaster is a model line from Bolliger & Mabillard. The company has produced 18 models over 21 years of production, making it one of the more successful models manufactured by the company.

Flying Coaster (B&M model)

The Flying Coaster is a model line from Bolliger & Mabillard. It has produced 10 models in 18 years of production, one of the more average selling models in the company.


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