Sir Edmund Isham, 6th Baronet

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Sir Edmund Isham
by Thomas Hudson EdmundIsham6thBt.jpg
Sir Edmund Isham
by Thomas Hudson

Sir Edmund Isham (18 December 1690 – 15 December 1772), 6th Baronet of Lamport, Northamptonshire was a Member of Parliament for several successive terms during the reigns of Kings George II and George III of Great Britain.



Lamport Hall, Isham, Norfolk Lamport - - 325493.jpg
Lamport Hall, Isham, Norfolk

Edmund Isham was born on 18 December 1690 to Sir Justinian Isham, 4th Baronet of Lamport, Northamptonshire and his wife Elizabeth Turnor. He was educated at Rugby School and Wadham College, Oxford and embarked on a legal career, becoming an advocate in Doctors' Commons (1724) and a judge advocate in the Court of Admiralty (1731–41).

He unexpectedly became Baronet of Lamport on 5 March 1737 when his older brother Justinian died young. He was easily elected a few days later on 31 March 1737 to his brother's seat in Parliament as the Tory Member of Parliament for Northamptonshire, and ran unopposed each successive term after that for the rest of his life. He also inherited the family seat of Lamport Hall.

He died on 15 December 1772. Although he had married twice he left no children and was therefore succeeded as baronet by his nephew Justinian Isham, the son of his younger brother, the Reverend Euseby Isham. There is a painting of Sir Edmund by Thomas Hudson hanging at Lamport Hall.


    Parliament of Great Britain
    Preceded by Member of Parliament for Northamptonshire
    With: Thomas Cartwright 1737–1748
    Valentine Knightley 1748–1754
    William Cartwright 1754–1768
    Sir William Dolben, Bt 1768–1772
    Succeeded by
    Baronetage of England
    Preceded by Baronet
    (of Lamport)
    Succeeded by

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