Slovenian Republic Football League

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Slovenian Republic Football League
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Founded1920;101 years ago (1920)
Folded1991;30 years ago (1991)
Country Kingdom of Yugoslavia, SR Slovenia
Confederation UEFA
Level on pyramid1
Promotion to Yugoslav Second League
Relegation toSlovenian Zonal League East/West
Most championships Ilirija (12 titles)

The Slovenian Republic Football League (Slovene : Slovenska republiška nogometna liga) was the highest football league in Slovenia within the Yugoslav football system. During the time of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia it was known as the First League of the Ljubljana Subassociation and it was one of the qualifying tournaments for the Yugoslav Championship. During the time of SFR Yugoslavia, it was third level league for most of the time, but became fourth level in 1988. Before that, the winner was promoted to Yugoslav Second League, after that it was promoted to the Yugoslav Inter-Republic League. After the independence in 1991 it transformed to national first league,


WinnersSlovenian PrvaLiga. [1] [2]


In Kingdom of Yugoslavia

It was known as the First League of the Ljubljana Subassociation.

1920 Ilirija
1920–21 Ilirija
1921–22 Ilirija
1922–23 Ilirija
1923–24 Ilirija
1924–25 Ilirija
1925–26 Ilirija
1926–27 Ilirija
1927–28 Primorje
1928–29 Primorje
1929–30 Ilirija
1930–31 I. SSK Maribor
1931–32 Ilirija
1932–33 I. SSK Maribor
1933–34 Ilirija
1934–35 Ilirija
1935–36 SK Ljubljana
1936–37 Železničar Maribor
1937–38 ČSK Čakovec
1938–39 I. SSK Maribor
1939–40 Železničar Maribor
1940–41 SK Ljubljana

In SFR Yugoslavia

SeasonChampionsNotes – Clubs playing at a higher level
1946 Lendava
1946–47 Enotnost Nafta Lendava (I)
1947–48 Garnizija JLA Ljubljana Enotnost (II)
1948–49 Železničar Ljubljana Odred (II)
1950 Korotan Kranj Odred (II), Rudar Trbovlje, Železničar Ljubljana (III)
1951 Korotan Kranj Odred, Rudar Trbovlje (II)
1952 Odred
1952–53 West: Korotan Kranj
East: Kladivar Celje
Odred, Branik Maribor, Železničar Ljubljana, Rudar Trbovlje (IR-II)
1953–54 West: Piran
East: Železničar Maribor
Odred (I), Branik Maribor(II), Ljubljana, Kladivar Celje, Korotan Kranj, Izola (IR-III)
1954–55 West: Železničar Gorica
East: Rudar Trbovlje
Odred (II), Ljubljana, Branik Maribor, ŽŠD Maribor, Kladivar Celje (IR-III)
1955–56zonal system Odred, Ljubljana, Branik Maribor, Nova Gorica (II)
1956–57zonal system Ljubljana, Odred (II)
1957–58zonal system Odred, Branik Maribor, Ljubljana (II)
1958–59 Branik Maribor Odred (II)
1959–60 Branik Maribor Odred (II)
1960–61 Maribor Odred (II)
1961–62 Olimpija Maribor (II)
1962–63 Ljubljana Maribor, Olimpija (II)
1963–64 Kladivar Celje Maribor, Olimpija (II)
1964–65 Slovan Olimpija, Maribor, Kladivar Celje (II)
1965–66 Aluminij Olimpija (I), Maribor, Slovan (II)
1966–67 Ljubljana Olimpija (I), Maribor, Aluminij (II)
1967–68 Ljubljana Olimpija, Maribor (I), Aluminij (II)
1968–69 Železničar Maribor Olimpija, Maribor (I), Ljubljana, Mura, Aluminij (II)
1969–70 Mura Maribor, Olimpija (I), Železničar Maribor, Ljubljana (II)
1970–71 Mercator Ljubljana Olimpija, Maribor (I), Ljubljana, Železničar Maribor, Mura (II)
1971–72 Rudar Trbovlje Olimpija, Maribor (I), Mura, Mercator Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Železničar Maribor (II)
1972–73 Železničar Maribor Olimpija (I), Maribor, Mura, Mercator Ljubljana, Rudar Trbovlje (II)
1973–74 Rudar Trbovlje Olimpija (I), Maribor, Mura, Mercator Ljubljana (II)
1974–75 Mercator Ljubljana Olimpija (I), Maribor, Rudar Trbovlje (II)
1975–76 Maribor Olimpija (I), Mercator Ljubljana(II)
1976–77 Rudar Velenje Olimpija Ljubljana (I), Maribor, Mercator Ljubljana (II)
1977–78 Mercator Ljubljana Olimpija (I), Maribor, Rudar Velenje (II)
1978–79 Rudar Trbovlje Olimpija (I), Maribor, Rudar Velenje, Mercator Ljubljana (II)
1979–80 Mercator Ljubljana Olimpija (I), Maribor, Rudar Velenje, Rudar Trbovlje (II)
1980–81 Šmartno Olimpija (I), Maribor, Svoboda, Rudar Velenje (II)
1981–82 Maribor Olimpija (I), Rudar Velenje, Svoboda (II)
1982–83 Slovan Olimpija (I), Maribor (II)
1983–84 Maribor Olimpija (I), Slovan (II)
1984–85 Koper Olimpija, Maribor (II)
1985–86 Maribor Koper (II)
1986–87 Olimpija Maribor (II)
1987–88 Koper Olimpija (II)
1988–89 Ljubljana Olimpija (II), Koper, Maribor, Slovan, Rudar Trbovlje (IR-III)
1989–90 Izola Olimpija (I), Maribor, Koper, Ljubljana (IR-III)
1990–91 Rudar Velenje Olimpija (I), Izola, Maribor, Koper (IR-III)

Performance by club

ClubTitlesYears Won
Ilirija 121920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1930, 1932, 1934, 1935
Maribor 51961, 1976, 1982, 1984, 1986
Železničar Ljubljana / Ljubljana 51949, 1963, 1967, 1968, 1989
Enotnost / Odred / Olimpija 41947, 1952, 1962, 1987
Mercator Ljubljana 41971, 1975, 1978, 1980
Železničar Maribor 41937, 1940, 1969, 1973
I. SSK Maribor 31931, 1933, 1939
Rudar Trbovlje 31972, 1974, 1979
Branik Maribor 21959, 1960
Koper 21985, 1988
Korotan Kranj 21949, 1950
Primorje 21928, 1929
SK Ljubljana 21936, 1941
Slovan 21965, 1983
Rudar Velenje 21977, 1991
Aluminij 11966
ČSK Čakovec 11938
Garnizija JLA Ljubljana11948
Izola 11990
Kladivar Celje 11964
Nafta Lendava 11946
Mura 11970
Šmartno 11981

Top scorers

1958–59Feri Maučec
1959–60Feri Maučec
1960–61Bogdan Pirc
1961–62Danilo Brezigar
1962–63Miki Džaferović
1963–64Drago Devčić
Kladivar Celje
1964–65Ivan Krnič
1965–66Ivan Krnič
Robert Borbaš
Branik Maribor
1966–67Matjaž Zupančič
1967–68Franjo Papec
1968–69Ivan Purgaj
Železničar Maribor
1969–70Ivan Krnič
1970–71Franc Krojs
Branik Maribor
1971–72Rado Mastnak
1972–73Franc Krojs
Železničar Maribor
1973–74Jani Drnovšek
Rudar Trbovlje
1974–75Josip Turčik
Mercator Ljubljana
1975–76 Bojan Prašnikar
1976–77Teodor Gregorič
1977–78Dušan Hvalec
Drava Ptuj
1978–79Dušan Hvalec
Jože Rous
Drava Ptuj
1979–80Dušan Poljanšek
Mercator Ljubljana
1980–81 Bojan Prašnikar
1981–82 Bojan Prašnikar
1982–83 Bojan Prašnikar
1983–84Milan Bošković
Rudar Velenje
1984–85Miloš Breznikar
Rudar Trbovlje
1985–86 Jože Prelogar
1986–87 Jože Prelogar
1987–88Jani Žlak
Rudar Trbovlje
1988–89 Stojan Plešinac
1989–90 Matjaž Cvikl
Rudar Velenje
1990–91Zlatko Herceg
Nafta Lendava

Slovenian Clubs in the Yugoslav football (1945–1991)

ClubSeasons 1. federal league 2. federal league 3. federal league Inter-Republic
Enotnost / Odred / Olimpija 4021181
Maribor 255173
Železničar Ljubljana / Ljubljana 12714
Mercator / Svoboda Ljubljana 88
Rudar Trbovlje 7412
Mura 55
Rudar Velenje 55
Branik Maribor 532
Železničar Maribor 431
Koper 413
Aluminij 33
Slovan 321
Kladivar Celje 312
Izola 22
Nafta Lendava 11
Gorica 11
Korotan Kranj 11

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Sport klub Ljubljana, commonly referred to as SK Ljubljana, was a Slovenian football club from Ljubljana. The club was founded in April 1936 on the basis of football section of ASK Primorje. SK Ljubljana was dissolved in 1941, when the World War II breaks up in Yugoslavia. Although the 1935–36 Yugoslav Championship was played in a cup format, by playing in the semi-finals SK Ljubljana was among the top four clubs, which is the best result ever of a Slovenian club in the Yugoslav highest level.

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