South Tangerang

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South Tangerang
Tangerang Selatan
City of South Tangerang
Kota Tangerang Selatan
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   Sundanese ᮒᮍᮨᮛᮀ ᮞᮨᮜᮒᮔ᮪
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From top, left to right:
Former city hall, View Tower at the new City Hall, Bintaro Avenue, Jaletreng Riverpark
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Cerdas, Modern, Religius
(Intelligent, Modern, Religious)
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Location within Banten
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South Tangerang
Location in Java and Indonesia
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South Tangerang
South Tangerang (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 6°17′20″S106°43′05″E / 6.28889°S 106.71806°E / -6.28889; 106.71806
Province Banten
Granted city status26 November 2008
  BodySouth Tangerang City government
  Mayor Benyamin Davnie  [ id ]
  Vice Mayor Pilar Saga Ichsan  [ id ]
  Total164.85 km2 (63.65 sq mi)
  Land123.58 km2 (47.71 sq mi)
  Water23.61 km2 (9.12 sq mi)
 (mid 2023 estimate)
  Density8,500/km2 (22,000/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+7 (Indonesia Western Time)
Area code (+62) 21
HDI (2022)Increase2.svg 0.820 (Very High)

South Tangerang (Indonesian : Tangerang Selatan) is a city in the province of Banten, Indonesia. Located 30 km (19 mi) on the southwestern border of Jakarta, the city forms part of the Greater Jakarta metropolitan area. It was administratively separated from Tangerang Regency on 26 November 2008. [2] According to the 2020 Census, the city population was 1,354,350 inhabitants, [3] while the official estimate as at mid 2023 was 1,404,785 - comprising 700,754 males and 704,031 females. [1] The total area is 164.85 km2 (63.65 sq mi). [4] It is the second-largest city in Banten (after Tangerang city immediately to its north) in terms of population, and has grown rapidly, not only as Jakarta's satellite city, but also the development of business districts and commerce due to presence of large-scale planned town by private developers.


South Tangerang is home to some planned towns built by private developers, the notable ones are Alam Sutera (in North Serpong), BSD City (in Serpong and Setu), and Bintaro Jaya (in Pondok Aren and Ciputat), complete with facilities such as business centres, shopping malls, and international schools. Currently, its average land price is the most expensive among Jakarta's satellite cities. [5]


The municipality of South Tangerang is an autonomous city established on 26 November 2008, based on Banten province's constitution. This establishment was a division out of the Tangerang Regency, to support the better development of government service, construction project, community service, and also to utilize the natural potential so that a greater public welfare could be achieved. [6]



Languages map in South Tangerang. Peta Bahasa di Kota Tangerang Selatan (Tangsel).png
Languages map in South Tangerang.

The dominant languages used in South Tangerang are Betawi and Tangerang Sundanese languages. Betawi is spoken in almost all areas of South Tangerang, except in the western part along the Cisadane River. Meanwhile, Sundanese is spoken in the west along the Cisadane River, which is predominantly used in villages on the banks of the river, especially in North Serpong. In several communities located in the western part there are also several areas undergoing a language shift, which are mostly found in Serpong, Setu, and a small number of villages in the western part of Pondok Aren. [7] In fact, there is a village in Setu district namely the Keranggan Ecotourism and Sundanese Culture Village (Kampung Ekowisata dan Budaya Sunda Keranggan), where almost all the people used to speak Sundanese (currently it is only spoken predominantly in 2 RT ). [8] [9]

Administrative districts

Districts and sub-districts of South Tangerang Peta Pembagian SWP Kota Tangerang Selatan 2022 (cropped).jpg
Districts and sub-districts of South Tangerang

The municipality of South Tangerang is divided into seven districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their areas and population totals from the 2010 Census [10] and 2020 Census, [3] together with the official estimates as at mid 2023. [1] The centre of South Tangerang is the Ciputat district; the western districts of the city (Setu, Serpong and Serpong Utara) are much less densely populated than the eastern districts (Pamulang, Ciputat, Ciputat Timur and Pondok Aren). The table also includes the number of administrative villages (totaling 54 urban kelurahan) in each district, and its postal codes.

Name of
mid 2023
(with their Post codes)
36.74.07Setu16.7666,22584,17891,5136Kranggan (15312), Kademangan (15313), Muncul (15314), Setu (15314),
Babakan (15315), Bakti Jaya (15315)
36.74.01 Serpong 28.27137,212154,744163,4519Buaran (15310), Ciater (15310), Cilenggang (15310), Rawa Mekar Jaya (15310),
Serpong (15311), Rawa Buntu (15318), Lengkong Gudan (15321),
Lengkong Gudang Timur (15321), Lengkong Wetan (15322)
36.74.06 Pamulang 28.74286,270305,563324,0598Kedaung (15415), Bambu Apus (15415), Pondok Benda (15416),
Pamulang Barat (15417), Pamulang Timur (15417),
Benda Baru (15418), Pondok Cabe Ilir (15418), Pondok Cabe Udik (15418)
36.74.04 Ciputat 21.11192,205202,722222,1867Cipayung (15411), Ciputat (15411), Sawah Baru (15413), Sawah Lama (15413),
Jombang (15414), Serua (15414), Serua Indah (15414)
36.74.05Ciputat Timur
(East Ciputat)
17.81178,818172,139169,5556Cempaka Putih (15412), Pondok Ranji (15412), Rempoa (15412),
Rengas (15412), Cireundeu (15419), Pisangan (15419)
36.74.03 Pondok Aren 29.80303,093294,996295,81211Pondok Jaya (15220), Pondok Betung (15221), Jurangmangu Timur (15222),
Jurangmangu Barat (15223), Pondok Aren (15224), Pondok Karya (15225),
Pondok Kacang Barat (15226), Pondok Kacang Timur (15226),
Perigi Lama (15227), Perigi Baru (15228), Pondok Pucung (15229)
36.74.02Serpong Utara
(North Serpong)
22.36126,499134,008138,2097Lengkong Karya (15320), Pakualam (15320), Jelupang (15323), Paku Jaya (15324),
Pakulonan (15325), Pondok Jagung (15326), Pondok Jagung Timur (15326)
Totals164.851,290,3221,354,3501,404,785 54


South Tangerang has a tropical rainforest climate (Af) with moderate rainfall from June to September and heavy rainfall from October to May.

Climate data for South Tangerang
Mean daily maximum °C (°F)30.3
Daily mean °C (°F)26.5
Mean daily minimum °C (°F)22.8
Average rainfall mm (inches)352
Source: [11]


Jakarta-Serpong Toll Road Tol Bintaro-BSD.jpg
Jakarta-Serpong Toll Road

The city is served mainly by land transportation. Buses, minibuses and taxis are the main methods of transportation available. The public transportation mostly goes to Jakarta since many of the residents of South Tangerang commute to Jakarta on a daily basis. There are feeder buses for TransJakarta. The feeder buses goes from Bumi Serpong Damai and Bintaro Jaya to downtown Jakarta in Senayan.

Main road and highway in the city are:

Main road:


Pondok Ranji railway station Hall Stasiun Pondok Ranji diperbesar.jpg
Pondok Ranji railway station

The city is also served by commuter rail service KRL Commuterline for those commuters who work in Jakarta. There are five stations located in South Tangerang, namely Cisauk, Pondok Ranji, Rawa Buntu, Serpong and Sudimara. All stations serves the Tanah Abang – Rangkasbitung Line.

There are two toll roads servicing the city, namely Jakarta–Serpong Toll Road and Jakarta–Tangerang Toll Road. There are also several toll roads currently under planning. The plans are for a Serpong-Balaraja Toll Road which will continue the Jakarta-Serpong toll road, and Jakarta Outer Ring Road 2 which will be connecting the city to Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in the near future. Kunciran-Serpong Toll Road and Serpong-Cinere Toll Road are the latest new infrastructure built in the city.

Pondok Cabe Airport – which is used for military and civilian services – is the only airport located within the city boundaries. It is owned by PT Pertamina, the national oil company. The airport is also used for the maintenance base for Pelita Air Service, also owned by PT Pertamina.

Cycle rickshaws (becak) are still available in some areas in the city. Becak is the only method of transportation currently forbidden to operate in Jakarta as its slow speed has allegedly led to congestion in the traffic of Jakarta. However, since South Tangerang is located on the outskirts of Jakarta (instead of the city proper), it is allowed in the city.

In April 2015, Corridor-2 of Trans Anggrek Circle Line which is similar to TransJakarta has been launched to serve public from Pondok Cabe Terminal to Rawa Buntu Station of KRL Jabodetabek. It was free until end of 2015, but only operated between 06:00–09:00, 11:00-14:00 and 16:00–18:00 with notation time of serve will be added as needed. The other seven corridors will be applied gradually. [12]


South Tangerang offers some shopping center in the area, such as:


Education in South Tangerang consists of the standard Elementary through High School facilities found in most of Indonesia, kindergartens are operated privately. Below are several notable schools in South Tangerang:

International Schools

Jakarta Japanese School JJS kosha.JPG
Jakarta Japanese School

Private Schools

Public Schools

Public universities

Government-affiliated colleges

Private Universities

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Cinere–Serpong Toll Road is one of the toll roads which are part of the Jakarta Outer Ring Road 2 which connects the Kunciran–Serpong Toll Road in the west and the Cinere–Jagorawi Toll Road in the east. This toll road that connects South Tangerang with Depok, crosses several areas, such as Jombang, Ciputat, Pamulang, Pondok Cabe and Cinere. The toll road is managed by PT Cinere Serpong Jaya (CSJ), the majority of whose shares are owned by PT Jasa Marga.

Serpong is a district and a sub-district located in South Tangerang, Banten Province, Indonesia. Before South Tangerang City became an autonomous city, Serpong was one of the sub-districts of Tangerang Regency.


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