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Cover illustration of Harper's Weekly, September 7, 1861 showing a Southern belle Southern-belle-civil-war.jpg
Cover illustration of Harper's Weekly , September 7, 1861 showing a Southern belle

Southern belle (from French belle  'beautiful') is a colloquialism for a debutante in the planter class of the Antebellum South. [1]


Sallie Ward, a Southern belle Portrait of Sallie Ward by George Peter Alexander Healy, 1860.jpg
Sallie Ward, a Southern belle


The image of a Southern belle is often characterized by fashion elements such as a hoop skirt, a corset, pantalettes, a wide-brimmed straw hat, and gloves. As signs of tanning were considered working-class and unfashionable during this era, parasols and fans are also often represented. [1]

Southern belles were expected to marry respectable young men, and become ladies of society dedicated to the family and community. [1] The Southern belle archetype is characterized by Southern hospitality, a cultivation of beauty, and a flirtatious yet chaste demeanor. [2]

For example, Sallie Ward, who was born into the planter class of Kentucky in the Antebellum South, was called a Southern belle. [3]

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