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Spiritualized performing in Malmö, Sweden during the Songs in A&E tour, 2008.
Background information
Origin Rugby, England, United Kingdom
Years active1990–present
Past members
Website spiritualized.com

Spiritualized (stylised as Spiritualized®) are an English rock band formed in 1990 in Rugby, Warwickshire, by Jason Pierce (often known as J. Spaceman), formerly of Spacemen 3. After several line up-changes, in 1999, the band centered on Pierce (vocals, guitar), Doggen Foster (guitar) and Kevin Bales (drums and percussion) with revolving bassists and keyboard players. The band’s current bassist, James Stelfox, has been playing with the band since 2012.


As of 2023, Spiritualized have released nine studio albums. The best known and most critically acclaimed of these is 1997's Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space , which NME magazine named as their Album of the Year, beating other critically acclaimed albums by fellow British bands such as OK Computer by Radiohead and Urban Hymns by The Verve. [1]


Formation: 1990–1991

Following a breakdown in relations between Spacemen 3 co-frontmen Peter Kember and Jason Pierce, the group's bassist Will Carruthers, drummer Jonny Mattock, and guitarist Mark Refoy were asked by Pierce to form a new group alongside local friend Steve Evans, subsequently calling themselves Spiritualized. The band took their name from an adaptation of the text on the back label of a bottle of Pernod. Due to formation from a majority of Spacemen 3 members, a technical clause meant that Spiritualized had to maintain the Spacemen 3 recording contract with Dedicated Records.

The first Spiritualized release, in 1990, was a cover of The Troggs' "Anyway That You Want Me"; the record heralded the official split of Spacemen 3 following contractual wrangles over the band's name and its use in Spiritualized-related promotional material (initial copies of "Anyway That You Want Me" came with a Spacemen 3 logo on the sleeve).

First releases: 1992–1998

Evans was replaced on keyboards by Pierce's then-girlfriend Kate Radley for the follow-up single, "Run"/"I Want You". A number of singles followed, before the band, in early 1992, released their first LP Lazer Guided Melodies , which had been recorded in Rugby over the previous two years. The band embarked on a tour with The Jesus & Mary Chain after the release of the album. [2] A second album, Pure Phase , was released in 1995, and a third, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space emerged in 1997 to critical acclaim and commercial success. Following promotional activity for Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, Gregg Hale left the band on good terms and remains friends with current members, but Sean Cook, Damon Reece and Michael Mooney threatened a strike in protest over low salaries and appearance fees. New contracts of employment were drawn up between Pierce and the musicians, and the same contracts were then used to fire them (to general disbelief by the music press at the time). In response, Cook, Reece and Mooney formed Lupine Howl.

Development: 1999–2010

Retaining only keyboardist Thighpaulsandra (keyboards), Jason Pierce then debuted a new line up of Spiritualized, introducing classical percussionist Tom Edwards and former Julian Cope string arranger Martin Schellard on bass guitar. Completing the new Spiritualized line-up were guitarist Doggen of Brain Donor and the Julian Cope band, Richard Warren and drummer Kevin 'Kevlar' Bales, who is also a member of Brain Donor. [3] Jonny Aitken stepped in on drums for the recording of Amazing Grace while Kevin Bales was recovering from illness. Chris Davis of Six By Seven & Spotlight Kid also stepped in for Kevin for two major festival appearances. Let It Come Down included over 120 musicians. [4] Amazing Grace favoured a more stripped down sound with the gospel, blues, and soul influences even more dominant than before. On 15 June 1997, Spiritualized became the last band to play at Factory Records' Manchester nightclub The Haçienda.

After several years of work and Pierce's serious illness in July 2005, [5] the album, Songs in A&E was released on 26 May 2008 in the UK, and on 27 May 2008 in the US. The first single from the 18-track album was "Soul on Fire". The release was backed by an Electric Mainlines UK tour which began in May. [6] Pierce has also scored Harmony Korine's 2008 film Mister Lonely . In October and December 2009 the band performed 1997's "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space" live in its entirety as part of the All Tomorrow's Parties-curated Don't Look Back series.

Recent releases: 2011–present

After more than two years in the making, while Pierce was undergoing experimental chemotherapy for a liver disease, and including a year long period of mixing, Sweet Heart Sweet Light was released in April 2012, on Double Six Records and Fat Possum in North America. The band had already played some of this new material over the past 3 years but not much else was known about the content of the album. The album cover, an octagon surrounding the word "Huh?" on a plain white background, is a reference to the working title of the album. In an interview regarding the new release it was revealed that the album would "embrace" more poppy songs compared to previous albums. In the same interview, Jason Pierce also said that the album was partly inspired by the experiences of performing "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space" live in its entirety. [7] In 2013, Jeremy McMahan (Dirty Blood, C is for Cookie) was brought in to some sessions to play bass.

And Nothing Hurt is the band's eighth studio album released on 7 September 2018 through Bella Union in the United Kingdom and Fat Possum Records in the United States, and is the band's first album in six years. The album was announced on 11 June 2018, along with the release of the album's first singles, "I'm Your Man" and "A Perfect Miracle" [8] and was produced by Jason Pierce. [9]

On 2 November 2021, the band announced their ninth studio album, Everything Was Beautiful , slated for release on 25 February 2022 through Bella Union/PIAS Recordings. [10] The seven-track album was previewed by a single called "Always Together With You", which is a reworked version of a song from 2014 which was originally heard in demo form. On 3 February 2022, the release date was delayed to 22 April 2022, due to manufacturing issues.

Musical style

The band's sound has been labelled as space rock, [11] [12] neo-psychedelia, [12] [13] experimental rock [14] [15] and garage rock. [16]




Studio albums

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Lazer Guided Melodies is the debut studio album by English space rock band Spiritualized. The album was recorded by the inaugural line up of the band, consisting of Jason Pierce, Mark Refoy (guitars), Will Carruthers (bass), Jonny Mattock (drums) and Kate Radley (keyboards) from 1990 to 1991, and mixed by Pierce in London in January 1992. The album was first released on Dedicated Records in March 1992, on cassette, Compact Disc and Vinyl.

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Amazing Grace is the fifth album by the British rock band Spiritualized, so named to indicate its considerable gospel influence. Although the title hymn does not appear on the album, the ballad "Hold On" is based upon the same melody, and the opening track "This Little Life of Mine" is clearly indebted to the spiritual "This Little Light of Mine".

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<i>Pure Phase</i> 1995 studio album by Spiritualized

Pure Phase is the second studio album by Spiritualized, released on 28 March 1995. The album was recorded in the Moles Studio in Bath, and features contributions from The Balanescu Quartet. Initial CD copies were sold in a glow-in-the-dark, encapsulated CD case.

<i>Royal Albert Hall October 10 1997</i> 1998 live album by Spiritualized

Royal Albert Hall October 10, 1997 is a live album by space rock group Spiritualized from their 1997 tour of the United Kingdom, recorded during an October show at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The album was released in late 1998.

Kate Radley is an English keyboard player, best known for her work with the British rock band Spiritualized. She was a member during the time period which saw the release of the Lazer Guided Melodies, Pure Phase and Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space albums, before leaving the band in 1997.

Will Carruthers is a musician, best known for playing bass in the influential alternative rock bands Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized.

<i>Songs in A&E</i> 2008 studio album by Spiritualized

Songs in A&E is the sixth studio album by English rock band Spiritualized and is their first since 2003's Amazing Grace. It was released on 26 May 2008 in the UK on Sanctuary Records and on 27 May in the USA on Fontana Records. It was released on standard CD worldwide, as well as a limited edition book and double 12" vinyl in the UK. The album's first single was "Soul on Fire," released on 19 May 2008 in the UK. Frontman Jason Pierce has said that the album is "the work of The Devil...with a little guidance from me."

Damon Reece is an English drummer, who has been a member of Spiritualized, Echo & the Bunnymen and Lupine Howl.

Gregg Hale is an American musician, record producer, and recording engineer best known for playing guitar for multi-platinum British band Spiritualized, his work as an A&R Rep for Arista Records, and his recording work with the Fox Soccer Channel, The Glenn Beck Program, Disney, Disney Interactive Studios, Activision, CNBC, NBC, KONAMI, and Guitar Hero.

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Richard Daniel Warren is an English musician, songwriter and producer.

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<i>Sweet Heart Sweet Light</i> 2012 studio album by Spiritualized

Sweet Heart Sweet Light is the seventh studio album by Spiritualized. It was released on 16 April 2012, on Double Six Records.

<i>And Nothing Hurt</i> 2018 studio album by Spiritualized

And Nothing Hurt is the eighth studio album by Spiritualized. The album was released on 7 September 2018 through Fat Possum Records in the United States and Bella Union in the United Kingdom, and is the band's first album in six years since 2012's Sweet Heart Sweet Light. The album was announced on 11 June 2018, along with the release of the album's first singles, "I'm Your Man" and "A Perfect Miracle". The album was produced by Jason Pierce.

<i>Everything Was Beautiful</i> 2022 studio album by Spiritualized

Everything Was Beautiful is the ninth studio album by Spiritualized, released under Fat Possum Records on April 22, 2022. The album contains influences from psychedelic music, gospel music, and classic rock.


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