Sri Shariputhra Maha Vidyalaya

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Sri Shariputhra Maha Vidyalaya (Sinhala: ශාරිපුත්‍ර මහා විද්‍යාලය) is a secondary school in Imbulpe, Balangoda, Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka. It was established in the 19th century. At present, more than 800 students are studying at the college.According to ancient documents, it was the first school in balangoda education zone . Many politicians, lawyers, scholars, physicians,engineers,and other government officers studied at this college. Government graduated teachers and other education college's teachers conduct the class for student up to G.C.E.(A/L). Normally,1st or 2nd level government education service officer is appointed as the principal of the college. there are Buddhist and Roman Catholic educational backgrounds .Also according to the department of education, students of the college follow the local syllabus and face to a/l and o/l examinations which are conducted by government of Sri Lanka . According to the history of the college, it was established as boy's college however after 1950's it was converted into the mixed school by the government .Also according to the official document and students roll of the college founded principal of the college was Mr. Silva and the first student was Mr. Appusincho. Also, the college has more than 15 acres premise in Madagedaragoda, Imbulpe .college conduct their science and computer laboratory class in the full facilitated laboratory .one of the laboratories was a present of Hon. Srimao Bandaranayake in 1975.



The students are divided among three houses:

An annual track-and-field tournament among these houses is held at the beginning of the first term.

Clubs & Societies

Students at the Shariputhra College run over 10 clubs and organizations, including cultural and religious groups, academic clubs and teams, and common-interest organizations. These student societies include:

College song

The college song is '" Sri seriuth matha "mother of Sri Seriuth', which is sung at the start of the school day and on important occasions.



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