Stanislaus Lo Kuang

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Stanislaus Lo Kuang
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Personal details
Born1 January 1911
Died28 February 2004
Taipei, Taiwan
Denomination Roman Catholic
Occupationcollege professor, college president, missionary, priest
Education Pontifical Urban University
Pontifical Lateran University
Coat of arms Coat of arms of Stanislaus Lo Guang.svg

Archbishop Stanislaus Lo Kuang (Chinese :羅光; pinyin :Luo Guang; 1 January 1911 28 February 2004) served as bishop of Tainan from 1961 to 1966, when he was appointed archbishop of Taipei. In 1978, Lo became the president of Fu Jen Catholic University, and was succeeded by Gabriel Chen-Ying Ly. [1]

He was born in Hengyang, China.

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