Stefan Danailov

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Stefan Danailov
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Stefan Lambov Danailov
Стефан Ламбов Данаилов

(1942-12-09)9 December 1942
Died27 November 2019(2019-11-27) (aged 76)
OccupationActor, politician
With the president Georgi Parvanov, 2006 Parvanov-Danailov.jpg
With the president Georgi Parvanov, 2006

Stefan Lambov Danailov (Bulgarian : Стефан Ламбов Данаилов; 9 December 1942 – 27 November 2019) was a Bulgarian actor who served as Minister of Culture of Bulgaria (August 2005 – July 2009).

The first film Danailov took part in was The Traces Remain (Следите остават) when he was a child. At that time he did not want to be an actor but in 1966, he graduated from VITIZ (the Bulgarian Theatre Academy). His best-known work was as Major Deyanov in the series На всеки километър (At Each Kilometer). He participated in numerous films and plays for which he won a lot of prizes. For 20 years he was a professor at the Theatre Academy in Sofia, teaching there since 1988.

On 2 december 2019, The Bulgarian National Theater organized the biggest memorial service in Stefan Danailov's name.

Selected filmography

At Each Kilometer on display in Sofia Navsekikm2.jpg
At Each Kilometer on display in Sofia

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