Stoyanka Mutafova

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Stoyanka Mutafova
Mutafova performing in the play Grasshoppers in 2015
Stoyana-Maria Konstantinova Mutafova

(1922-02-02)2 February 1922
Died6 December 2019(2019-12-06) (aged 97)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Years active1946–2019

Stoyanka Mutafova (née StoyanKa Mutafova; Bulgarian : СтоянКа Мутафова; 2 February 1922 6 December 2019) was a Bulgarian actress. During her career, she starred in over 53 theatrical plays and 25 films


Nicknamed Ms. Natural Disaster for a play she performed in and The Queen of Bulgarian comedy, [1] she was an official applicant for a Guinness Book of World Record as the actress with the longest active professional career. [2] At the age of 94 in 2016, she toured the theater halls in major cities of the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain and Germany. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]


Born in Sofia, she graduated from University of Sofia with a degree in classical philology. Later, she studied acting in Bulgaria and Prague. From 1949 until 1956 she acted in multiple plays in the "Ivan Vazov" national theatre. She co-founded the Aleko Konstantinov Theatre, where she performed from 1957–91. In 2005, she starred alongside Georgi Kaloyanchev in the play The Astronauts .

She died at the age of 97 on December 6th 2019 as a result of sepsis and pneumonia, brought on by necrosis of the gallbladder. [8]


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