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Studio Ekran (Russian : Творческое объединение «Экран», Artistical Joint "Ekran") was a Russian (Soviet Union's until 1991) TV film studio. It was founded in 1968 and produced made-for-TV movies, mini-series and animated cartoons. In 1994, after reorganization of Ostankino TV channel, it was closed.


Aleksandr Tatarskiy's Pilot studio was started from Ekran.


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A Girl and a Dolphin is a 1979 Soviet/Russian animated short film directed by Rosalia Zelma, produced at the TV film studio Ekran in Moscow. The film is a poetic sketch cartoon about the friendship of a girl and a dolphin. The cartoon is distinguished by a deep level of romance and moral purity. A great musical arrangement by Eduard Artemyev and the song were used, which precisely reflect the meaning of the story.

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Boris Pavlovich Filchikov was a Soviet and Russian sound operator. He participated in the creation of about 500 Soviet and Russian cartoons and in the dubbing of foreign cartoons and feature films. Honoured Cultural Worker of the RSFSR (1987).