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Location in Odisha, India
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Subalaya (India)
Coordinates: 20°53′N84°10′E / 20.883°N 84.167°E / 20.883; 84.167 Coordinates: 20°53′N84°10′E / 20.883°N 84.167°E / 20.883; 84.167
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Odisha
District Subarnapur
  Total3.32950 km2 (1.28553 sq mi)
  Official Odia
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registration OD-31
Nearest cityBirmaharajpur, Rairakhol
Lok Sabha constituencyBalangir
Climate Rainy, hot, cold (Köppen)
Avg. summer temperature45–50 °C (113–122 °F)
Avg. winter temperature20–25 °C (68–77 °F)

Subalaya is a town in the Birmaharajpur subdivision of Subarnapur district, Odisha, India. It is located on an island 822.738 acres (3.32950 km2) in size [1] at the confluence of the Mahanadi river and Surubalijora. [2]

This town is home to Subalaya High School and Subalaya College.

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Asika Town in Odisha, India

Asika or Aska is a town and a Notified Area Council in Ganjam district in the state of Odisha, India. Fondly known as the sugar city of India. Asika is the 3rd largest city in district of Ganjam after Berhampur and Bhanjanagar. Asika is a major commercial and transportation hub of Ganjam district. It is situated between river Badanadi and holy river Rushikuliya.

Chandipur, Odisha Town in Odisha, India

Chandipur, is a beach in Baleswar District, Odisha, India. The beach is located on the shore of Bay of Bengal and is approximately 16 kilometers from the Baleswar Railway Station. The beach is unique in a way that the water recedes up to 5 kilometers during the ebb tide. Due to its unique circumstances, the beach supports bio-diversity. Horseshoe crab is also found here on the beach towards Mirzapur, the nearby fishing market and community at the confluence of the Budhabalanga River (Balaramgadi). It is a suitable picnic spot. One of Odisha Tourism's Panthanivas is situated here.

Surubalijora or Surubalijore is a small river located in the Subalaya area of Birmaharajpur subdivision of Subarnapur district of Odisha, India. It is originating from a mountain and merging with Mahanadi river near Subalaya, Tebhapadar and Ambasarabhata. It had created a small delta at the meeting place. Near this delta, the land is fertile and farmers from nearby villages cultivate various vegetables.

Pitamahul is a gram panchayat of Birmaharajpur subdivision of Subarnapur district, Odisha, India. It is located on the bank of river Mahanadi and on the side of the road connecting Birmaharajpur and Rairakhol town. Durdura, Tebhapadar, Amsarbhata and Subalaya are the nearby village of Pitamahul.

Durdura Village in Odisha, India

Durdura is a village of Pitamahul gram panchayat of Birmaharajpur subdivision, Subarnapur district, Odisha, India. It is located on the side of the road connecting Birmaharajpur and Rairakhol town. Total area of this village is 175.321 acres (0.70950 km2). It is located close to the forest area. Baurijore and Mahanadi are flowing near this village.

Godhaneswar temple is located on the bank of river Mahanadi in the Godhaneswar village. The name Godhaneswar means lord of cows. It is a very famous Shiva temple of Birmaharajpur subdisvison of Subarnapur district, Odisha.

Subarnapur district or Sonepur district of Odisha is a part of Kalahandi Balangir Koraput region. This district does not have any universities and postgraduate level educational institution. In addition, there are no medical and engineering colleges in Subarnapur district. Following are the colleges, high schools, primary schools and Saraswati vidyamandir present in Subarnapur district. According to recent report there are 654 primary schools, 212 ME schools, 100 high schools and 8 colleges in Subarnapur district.

Aska is a Vidhan Sabha constituency of Ganjam district, Odisha.