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Sube a mi Motora (commonly referred as Súbete a mi Moto) is song by Menudo from their 1981 album Quiero Ser . It became arguably the album's most popular song, topping the charts in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Venezuela. It is considered by many Menudo fans to have been the group's best song ever and their signature song. Rene Farrait was the lead singer for this song.


Súbete a mi Moto (Get on my motorcycle in English) created some controversy in Puerto Rico, because in Puerto Rico "moto", at the moment the song came out, was the term used for illegal drugs (marihuana cigarette). Because of that, the song's name was different in Mexico than the original name using the term "motora". The Mexican version also became known across Latin America, and was used in Menudo's 1982 movie, Una Aventura Llamada Menudo , where Farrait's substitute, Charlie Masso, sang it. Later, Roy Rossello also sang the theme as lead singer. [1]

Sube a mi Motora (Súbete a mi moto) was usually the last song performed at Menudo concerts during the era that the song was a hit. When six members of Menudo returned to the stage in 1998 during their El Reencuentro comeback tour, Sube a mi Motora was always the last song performed by the former Menudo's and Farrait ended the shows by driving a motorcycle around.

In the mid-80s, the song was released in Brazilian Portuguese (Suba na minha Moto) and it was a big hit in Brazil, but the biggest hit of the group in the country was Não Se Reprima. An English version was released as "Motorcycle Dreamer", [2] with Ricky Melendez or Robby Rosa (after Melendez left the band) as lead singers.

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El Reencuentro was the name that six ex-members of musical group Menudo used for their comeback project remembering Menudo's golden era. Ricky Melendez, Rene Farrait, Miguel Cancel, Johnny Lozada, Ray Reyes, and Charlie Masso re-joined to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their success in Latin America, North America, Spain and several other countries in the world. They started in 1998 as an experimental project and they had an unexpected success that continued until 2015 through North and Latin America.

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Tick Tock was a music group from Puerto Rico. They were active for only two years (2004–06). Their Puerto Rican fans knew them as a younger version of Menudo since they covered some of their songs like Sube a mi Motora, Claridad and more. They also covered the song "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" from Selena with a few adjustments. The traditional song "Burrito Savanero" they covered with a twist and a few adjustments. They also appeared in local educational shows in Puerto Rico, singing "Sube a mi Motora", "Contigo Se Irá", "Ven al baile" and "Boogie Boogie". They released two albums, Tick Tock Marcando el Ritmo and Tick Tock Marcando el Reggetón. They also appeared on Espectacular 2006 on Univision where they sang a medley of songs by Menudo and Descorazonado. After the band's dissolvement, one of the members, Joseph Alicea López, became a vocalist for Los Super Reyes under the stage name Jo-Joe from 2007 to 2010.

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