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Susan Stephen
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Susan Rennie Stephen

(1931-07-16)16 July 1931
London, England
Died21 April 2000(2000-04-21) (aged 68)
Sussex, England
Years active1952–1962
Spouse(s)Lawrence Ward (1952–1956) (divorced)
Nicolas Roeg (1957–1977) (divorced); 4 children

Susan Rennie Stephen (16 July 1931 21 April 2000) was an English film actress.

Born in London, she was known in the 1950s for appearing in a number of B-films. She appeared in over 20 films including The Red Beret (1953), The House Across the Lake (1954), Pacific Destiny (1956) and Carry On Nurse (1959).

Although she joined other celebrities, such as Jack Payne, in British Pathé's Return to Yesterday in 1955, her film appearances became less frequent following her second marriage to film director Nicolas Roeg from 1957 to 1977.


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