Sweitzer Lake State Park

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Sweitzer Lake State Park
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Looking across Sweitzer Lake
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Location Delta County, Colorado, United States
Nearest city Delta, CO
Coordinates 38°42′44″N108°02′27″W / 38.71222°N 108.04083°W / 38.71222; -108.04083 Coordinates: 38°42′44″N108°02′27″W / 38.71222°N 108.04083°W / 38.71222; -108.04083
Area210 acres (85 ha)
Visitors55,824 [1] (in 2009-10)
Governing body Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Sweitzer Lake State Park is a Colorado state park located in Delta County 1 mile (1.6 km) south of Delta, Colorado. The 210-acre (85 ha) park established in 1960 includes a 137-acre (55 ha) reservoir. Facilities include a boat ramp, swim beach and picnic sites. [2] Birdwatchers have spotted 170 different species in the park. [1] A portion of the park's land was donated by the eponymous Morgan Sweitzer in order to develop it as a recreation destination. [3]

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Morgan Sweitzer, born Louis Morgan Sweitzer was an American farmer and fruit grower who donated land to the state of Colorado to establish a recreational lake for the public. He died in 1953, 12 years before Sweitzer Lake State Park was completed.

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Navajo State Park is a state park of Colorado, USA, on the north shore of Navajo Lake. Touted as Colorado's answer to Lake Powell, this reservoir on the San Juan River begins in Colorado's San Juan Mountains and extends 20 miles (32 km) into New Mexico. Its area is 15,000 acres (6,100 ha), and it has 150 miles (240 km) of shoreline in two states. Park activities include boating, houseboating, fishing, camping, and wildlife viewing. There is a New Mexico state park at the southern end of the lake.

Antero Reservoir is a reservoir in the US state of Colorado. It was created by the first dam placed on the South Platte River in Park County, central Colorado. It is owned by Denver Water and supplies drinking water to the greater Denver metro region almost 140 miles (230 km) away.

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The Blanca Wetlands Area of Critical Environmental Concern, or Blanca Wildlife Habitat Area, is an area of the San Luis Valley in Colorado, United States, that serves as a refuge for birds, fish and other wildlife. It is about 11 miles (18 km) northeast of Alamosa on County Road 25. The wetlands had been completely destroyed by pumping and diversion of water for irrigation. Starting in 1965 the Bureau of Land Management began to restore them, and they have become an increasingly important ecological habitat for shorebirds, waterbirds and other wildlife and native plants.


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