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Sylvia Aguilar Zéleny is a novelist and short story writer born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, in 1973. She studied Hispanic literature at the Universidad de Sonora and began her career as a teacher,at the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey She has an MFAin creative writing from the University of Texas at El Paso. She learned to write through workshops given by other authors such as Abrigael Bohórquez, Héctor Manjarrez, David Martín del Cammpo and Cristina Rivera-Garza. Her works have appeared in Altanoche, La Tempestad, Las Hojas de la Mancuspia, Milenio, Néctar y Picnic and a large number of magazines . Her work has won Concurso de Libro Sonorense in 2003, the Concurso de Cuento Cristina Rivera-Garza in 2005, and an honorable mention in the Concurso de Libro Sonorense in 2000. [1]

Hermosillo City in Sonora, Mexico

Hermosillo, formerly called Pitic, is a city located centrally in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora. It is the capital and largest city as well as the main economic center for the state and region. As of 2015, the city has a population of 812,229 inhabitants, making it the 16th largest city in Mexico. The recent city population spur is due to its recent strong industrialization, especially in the automotive industry.

Sonora State of Mexico

Sonora, officially Estado Libre y Soberano de Sonora, is one of 31 states that, with Mexico City, comprise the 32 federal entities of United Mexican States. It is divided into 72 municipalities; the capital city is Hermosillo. Sonora is bordered by the states of Chihuahua to the east, Baja California to the northwest and Sinaloa to the south. To the north, it shares the U.S.–Mexico border with the states of Arizona and New Mexico, and on the west has a significant share of the coastline of the Gulf of California.

Mexico country in the southern portion of North America

Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a country in the southern portion of North America. It is bordered to the north by the United States; to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean; to the southeast by Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea; and to the east by the Gulf of Mexico. Covering almost 2,000,000 square kilometres (770,000 sq mi), the nation is the fifth largest country in the Americas by total area and the 13th largest independent state in the world. With an estimated population of over 120 million people, the country is the eleventh most populous state and the most populous Spanish-speaking state in the world, while being the second most populous nation in Latin America after Brazil. Mexico is a federation comprising 31 states and Mexico City, a special federal entity that is also the capital city and its most populous city. Other metropolises in the state include Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla, Toluca, Tijuana and León.

Sylvia Aguilar Zéleny is a fiction writer, translator, and professor at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). She teaches English Composition courses at the El Paso Community College (EPCC), and Creative Writing for the undergrad and the graduate program at UTEP. She has published eight books of fiction in Mexico, and a young adult series titled Coming Out in the United States. Her novel Todo Eso es Yo won the Tamaulipas National Book Award in Mexico in 2015. She bikes, knits, and believes in green tea. Her cat's name is Nimona. [2]

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PatMora is an American poet and author of books for adults, teens and children. Her grandparents came to El Paso from northern Mexico. A graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso, she received Honorary Doctorates from North Carolina State University and SUNY Buffalo, and is an Honorary Member of the American Library Association. A literacy advocate, in 1996, she founded Children's Day, Book Day, in Spanish, El día de los niños, El día de los libros now celebrated across the country on April 30th.

Mayo is an Uto-Aztecan language. It is spoken by about 40,000 people, the Mexican Mayo or Yoreme Indians, who live in the South of the Mexican state of Sonora and in the North of the neighboring state of Sinaloa. Under the General Law of Linguistic Rights of the Indigenous Peoples"Law of Linguistic Rights, it is recognized as a "national language" along with 62 other indigenous languages and Spanish which all have the same validity in Mexico. The language is considered 'critically endangered' by UNESCO.

Eve Gil is a Mexican writer and journalist from Hermosillo, Sonora. She is one of the major "NAFTA generation" authors. Her work has won a number of awards such as Premio La Gran Novela Sonorense in 1993, the Premio Nacional de Periodismo Fernando Benítez in 1994, the Concurso de Libro Sonorense in 1994, 1996 and 2006, and the Premio Nacional de Cuento Efraín Huerta in 2006.

The Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize is a prize awarded to women writers in Spanish. It is organized by the Guadalajara International Book Fair, based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The prize is worth USD 10,000. The chosen book will also be translated into English for publication.

Elvia Ardalani or Elvia García Ardalani, is a Mexican writer, poet, and storyteller. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Texas–Pan American, where she teaches Creative Writing and Spanish Literature.

Leslie Ullman is an American poet and professor. She is the author of four poetry collections, most recently, Progress on the Subject of Immensity. Her third book, Slow Work Through Sand, was co-winner of the 1997 Iowa Poetry Prize. Other honors include winning the 1978 Yale Series of Younger Poets Competition for her first book, Natural Histories, and two NEA fellowships. Her poems have been published in literary journals and magazines including The New Yorker,Poetry,The Kenyon Review, Puerto Del Sol, Blue Mesa Review, and in anthologies including Five Missouri Poets.

Benjamin Alire Sáenz poet, novelist and writer from the United States

Benjamin Alire Sáenz is an American poet, novelist and writer of children's books.

The 6th Nuestra Belleza México pageant, was held at Lienzo Charro "Cuna de la Charrería" in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico on September 12, 1999. Thirty-two contestants of the Mexican Republic competed for the national title, which was won by Leticia Murray from Sonora, who later competed at Miss Universe 2000 in Cyprus. Murray was crowned by outgoing Nuestra Belleza México titleholder Silvia Salgado. She is the second blonde and only Sonorense to win this title.

The 9th Nuestra Belleza México pageant, was held at the World Trade Center of Boca del Río, Veracruz, Mexico on September 6, 2002. Thirty-three contestants of the Mexican Republic competed for the national title, which was won by Marisol González from Coahuila, who later competed in Miss Universe 2003 in Panamá. González was crowned by outgoing Nuestra Belleza México titleholder Ericka Cruz and Christiane Martel Miss Universe 1953. She is the first and only Coahuilense to win this title.

Ignacio Mondaca Romero writer

Ignacio Mondaca Romero is a Mexican writer who has written a large number of articles, essays, literary criticism and books. He was born in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico. His work has won the Concurso Nacional de Cuento in 1998, the Concurso del Libro Sonorense in 2003 and in 2009. Major works include El pianoforte, Relatos de ocio, El diluvio y otros cuentos, Cuentos para llevar, Brevedad vital, Ensayos del desaire and Crónicas de una ciudad despierta. Mondaca was the president of the Escritores de Sonora, A.C. writers organization from 2006 to 2010. Nowadays he is Coordinador de Literatura in the Instituto Sonorense de Cultura.

Iván Figueroa is a poet and novelist from Sahuaripa, Sonora, Mexico, born in 1974. His work has received numerous awards such as the Nacional de Poesía Homenaje a San Juan del Río in 2006, the Concurso de Libro Sonorense in 2002 and 2006, the Premio Nacional de Poesía San Román in 2006, the Premio Nacional de Poesía Juegos Trigales del Valle del Yaqui Bartolomé Delgado León in 2005 and the Concurso Estatal de Poesía Alonso Vidal in 1999. His works include La luz a mediodía, Isocronías temporales, Cielo geográfico, Transitorial, Teorías and The American poems.

Silvia Olmedo TV psychologist and author

Silvia Olmedo is a Spanish psychologist, sexologist, television host, producer and author. She has worked in Spain, America, Britain, Netherlands, Australia and Mexico, where she currently hosts a television program named Mindsex, focused on educating people on psychology, sexology and health habits.

Cristina Rivera Garza writer and profesor

Cristina Rivera Garza is a Mexican author and professor best known for her fictional work, with various novels such as Nadie me verá llorar winning a number of Mexico’s highest literary awards as well as awards abroad. The author was born in the state of Tamaulipas, near the U.S. border and has developed her career in teaching and writing on both sides of the border. She has taught history and creative writing at various universities such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Tec de Monterrey, Campus Toluca and her current position at the University of California, San Diego. Awards include the Juan Vicente Melo National Short Story Award, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize and the Anna Seghers International Prize.

Stephen Christopher Saenz Villarreal is a Mexican athlete. Although born in the United States, he represents the Athletics Association of the State of Sonora. He has competed for Mexico in shot put at the 2012 Summer Olympics. He is also an assistant track coach at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Cristina Pacheco Journalist, writer, interviewer and television personality

Cristina Pacheco is a journalist, writer, interviewer and television personality who lives and works in Mexico City. While her journalism career began in 1960, continuing with regular columns in La Jornada, she is best known for her work in television, hosting two shows called Aquí nos tocó vivir and Conversando, con Cristina Pacheco, both on Once TV since 1980. Which these shows, Pacheco interviews notable people and profiles popular Mexican culture, which includes interviews with common people. She has received over forty prizes and other recognitions for her work including Mexico’s National Journalism Prize and the first Rosario Castellanos a la Trayectoria Cultural de la Mujer Award for outstanding women in the Spanish-speaking world.

Anna Jaquez is an American artist, art professor and metalsmith. She lives and works in El Paso, Texas. Jaquez is an art professor at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). She has work in the permanent collection of the El Paso Museum of Art.

Ruth Rivera Marín Mexican architect (1927-1969)

Ruth Rivera Marín was a Mexican architect. Her professional experience centered on teaching, institutional management, theory and practice related to architecture. She was the first woman student of the College of Engineering and Architecture at the National Polytechnic Institute.

Yuri Herrera Mexican writer

Yuri Herrera is a political scientist, editor, and contemporary Mexican writer.

Veronica Escobar American politician from El Paso, Texas

Veronica Escobar is an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for Texas's 16th congressional district, based in El Paso. A member of the Democratic Party, Escobar previously served as a County Commissioner and County Judge for El Paso County from 2010 to 2017.


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