T. R. Ramanna

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T. R. Ramanna
Thanjavur Radhakrishnan Ramachandran

Birth year 1923
Died22 May 1997 (Age 74) [1]
FamilyT. S. Damayanthi (Sister) Karukurichi Arunachalam (Co-Brother), T. D. Kushalakumari (niece)T. R. Rajakumari (elder sister) [2]

Thanjavur Radhakrishnan Ramachandran (T.R.Ramanna) (1923–1997) was an Indian film director and producer.


Film career

Ramanna started his life as a sound recordist in a city studio and then made his way to film direction. He started the production company R.R. Pictures (with the initials of his sister and himself). He produced movies in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, many of which were successful.

One of his successful film was Manapandhal , inspired by the Hollywood classic Sabrina (1954), directed by Billy Wilder and starring Humphrey Bogart, William Holden and Audrey Hepburn.


YearFilmCredited asLanguageNotes
1953 Vazha Pirandhaval Green check.svgGreen check.svgTamil
1954 Koondukkili Green check.svgGreen check.svgTamil
1955 Gulebakavali Green check.svgGreen check.svgTamil
1957 Pudhumai Pithan Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1958 Karthavarayuni Katha Green check.svgGreen check.svgTelugu
1958 Kathavarayan Green check.svgGreen check.svgTamil
1960 Rathnapuri Ilavarasi Green check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgTamil
1960 Ondrupattal Undu Vazhvu Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1961 Manapanthal Red x.svgGreen check.svgTamil
1961 Intiki Deepam Illale Red x.svgGreen check.svgTelugu
1961 Sri Valli Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1962 Paasam Green check.svgGreen check.svgTamil
1963 Periya Idathu Penn Green check.svgGreen check.svgTamil
1963 Manchi Chedu Green check.svgGreen check.svgTelugu
1964 Panakkara Kudumbam Green check.svgGreen check.svgTamil
1964 Arunagirinathar Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1965 Panam Padaithavan Green check.svgGreen check.svgTamil
1965 Nee! Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1966 Kumari Penn Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1966 Parakkum Pavai Green check.svgGreen check.svgTamil
1967 Bhavani Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1967 Naan Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1968 Moondrezhuthu Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1968Neeyum NaanumGreen check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgTamil25th Film
1969Athai MagalGreen check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1969 Thanga Surangam Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1969 Waris Green check.svgRed x.svgHindi
1969ThulabharamRed x.svgGreen check.svgTamil
1970 Yaen? Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1970 Sorgam Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1971LaganGreen check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgHindi
1971Veettukku Oru PillaiGreen check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgTamil
1972WafaaGreen check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgHindi
1972 Shakthi Leelai Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1972 Aankh Micholi Green check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgHindi
1973 Baghdad Perazhagi Green check.svgGreen check.svgTamil
1973 Maru Piravi Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1974 Vairam Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil.
1974Sorgathil ThirumanamGreen check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgTamil
1975 Avalukku Aayiram Kangal Green check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgTamil
1976Tuhi Kali Tuhi DurgaGreen check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgHindi
1977 Thaliya Salangaya Green check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgTamil
1978Farz Aur KhoonGreen check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgHindi
1978 Ennai Pol Oruvan Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1978 Bhale Huduga Green check.svgGreen check.svgKannada
1978 Siritanakke Savaal Green check.svgRed x.svgKannada
1979 Kuppathu Raja Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil
1979Neechal KulamGreen check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgTamil
1979YuvarajGreen check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgHindi
1981 Kanni Theevu Green check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgTamil

Green check.svg

Blue question mark (italic).svgTamil
1981 Kula Puthra Green check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgKannada
1982 Sattam Sirikkiradhu Green check.svgRed x.svgTamil50th Film
1984ShankariGreen check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgTamil
1987ElangeswaranGreen check.svgBlue question mark (italic).svgTamil

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<i>Rathinapuri Ilavarasi</i> 1960 Indian film

Rathinapuri Ilavarasi is a 1960 Indian Tamil-language film, directed by T. R. Ramanna. The film stars M. R. Radha, T. R. Mahalingam and E. V. Saroja. It was released on 13 April 1960.


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