T. S. Balaiah

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T. S. Balaiah
டி. எஸ். பாலையா
TS Baliah.jpg
Born(1914-08-23)23 August 1914
Died22 July 1972(1972-07-22) (aged 57)
Years active1936–1972
  • Padmavati
  • Leelavati
  • Navaneetham
Children7 including Junior Balaiah (actor)
Manochithra (actress)

Thirunelveli Subramaniyan Balaiah (23 August 1914 – 22 July 1972) was an Indian actor. He is best known for playing supporting roles in Tamil films. Born in Sundankottai, near Udankudi in Thoothukudi, Balaiah was introduced to the cine field by director Ellis R. Dungan in Sathi Leelavathi (1936), along with M. G. Ramachandran, N. S. Krishnan and M. K. Radha. He was one of the very few actors who excelled as a villain, as well as in character roles and comic roles. [1]


Early life and death

T. S. Balaiah was born on 23 August 1914. [2] He was born in Sundankottai, now in Thoothukudi district, Tamil Nadu [3] Balaiah lived in T. Nagar, and died at the age of 57. [3]


Being Part of various drama troupes, his career in films started with 'Madurai Original Boys' drama company which had several talented youngsters who created history in Tamil cinema, including M.K. Radha, M. G. Ramachandran, [1] and N. S. Krishnan. Balaiah began his film career through the Tamil film Sathi Leelavathi in 1936. Balaiah played first lead role in Mohini paired opposite Madhuri Devi, where he played an elder brother to V. N. Janaki and supporting role by M.G.R . He gained a lot of weight at the age of 40 in 1954, hence started getting more character roles. Among his villain roles, Ambikapathy 1937, Andhaman Kaithi, Madurai Veeran, Thaikkupin Tharam, Hello Mister Zamindar and Thiruvilaiyadal were critically acclaimed. Balaiah also excelled in comedy roles in movies such as Kavalai Illaadha Manithan, Kadhalikka Neramillai, Bama Vijayam and Thillana Mohanambal. Actor Sivaji Ganesan had once mentioned that Balaiah along with M. R. Radha was his most admired actor. [3]

Personal life

Balaiah had three wives (Padmavati, Leelavati and Navaneetham) and seven Children among them Actress Manochithra is his daughter, while one of his sons Junior Balaiah has also appeared in films. One of his sons, Sai Baba, was part of MSV's troupe and sang a few songs.

Partial filmography

1972 Agathiyar
1970 Ethiroli Singapur Minor Balaiya
1968 Thillana Mohanambal Muthurakku
1967 Ooty Varai Uravu Vedachalam
1967 Bama Vijayam Ethiraj
1966Yarukaka Azhudan?
1966 Sadhu Mirandal Ramananda BhagavatharSpecial appearance
1965 Vaazhkai Padagu
1965 Thiruvilayadal Hemanatha Bagavathar
1965 Ennathaan Mudivu?
1965 Hello Mister Zamindar Zamin Secretary
1964 Karuppu Panam Sattanathan
1964 Kaadhalikka Neramillai Vishwanathan
1961 Thayilla Pillai Pathanjali Sasthri
1961 Palum Pazhamum Chinnavar (Sivaji Ganesan's uncle)
1961 Pavamanippu Manickam Pillai
1961 Kumara Raja Wealthy man (Chandrababu's father)
1966 Chavukkadi Chandrakantha
1960 Kavalai Illaadha Manithan Jamabulingam
1960 Kalathur Kannamma Ramalingam
1960 Parthiban Kanavu Marappa Bhupathi
1959 Vaazha Vaitha Deivam China Thambi
1959 Paththarai Maathu Thangam
1959 Orey Vazhi Guest Appearance
1959 Bhaaga Pirivinai Vaithiyalingam Moopanar
1957 Neelamalai Thirudan Police Inspector
1957 Pudhaiyal Ambalam
1957 Allauddin Adhbhuta Deepam Yakub
1956 Kaalam Maari Pochu
1956 Madurai Veeran Thalapathi Marappan
1955 Maaman Magal Kanniyappan
1955 Chella Pillai Director Yaman
1954 Nallakalam
1954 Ratha Paasam Madhu
1953 Gunasagari (Kannada film)Nirguna
1953Aasai Magan
1951 Manamagal Balu
1950 Ezhai Padum Padu Ramgopal
1949 Velaikkari Mani
1947 Rajakumari Prince Aalahaalan
1946 Chitra Sanjeevi
1945 Meera Jayaman
1945 Burma Rani Ranjith Singh
1937 Ambikapathy Rudrasenan
1936 Sathi Leelavathi Ramanathan

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