T. S. Durairaj

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Tanjour S. Durairaj
Born31 December 1910
Died2 June 1986(1986-06-02) (aged 75)
Years active15 years

T. S. Durairaj (31 December 1910 2 June 1986) was a Tamil film comedian, drama artist, producer and director in the early stages of the Tamil film industry (Kollywood). [1] He received a Kalaimamani award from the Tamil Nadu Government in 2006. [2]


Durairaj interests extended to Derby races. He owned two horses named KIN Master and WIN Master. [3]

Filmography (partial)

  1. Yathabhavishya or Rambaiyin kaathal (1939) as kesari (debut) ^
  2. Prahalada (1939)
  3. Naveena Vikramadityan (1940)
  4. Sakuntalai (1940)
  5. Madanakamarajan (1941)
  6. Minor-in Kadhal (1941)
  7. Savithiri (1941)
  8. Kubera Kuchela (1943)
  9. Meera (1945)
  10. Chitra (1946)
  11. Sakata Yogam (1946)
  12. Deivaneethi (1947)
  13. Aayiram Thalai Vaangi Apoorva Chinthamani (1947)
  14. Pizhaikkum Vazhi (1948) - Lead role with T. A. Jayalakshmi as heroine
  15. Thirumalisai Alvar (1948)
  16. Mangayarkarasi (1949)
  17. Ezhai Padum Padu (1950)
  18. Kalavathi (1951) - Lead role with T. A. Jayalakshmi as heroine
  19. Manamagal (1951)
  20. Or Iravu (1951)
  21. Kanchana (1952)
  22. Kumari (1952)
  23. Genova (1953)
  24. Malaikkallan (1954)
  25. Kalvanin Kadhali (1955)
  26. Maaman Magal (1955)
  27. Valliyin Selvan (1955)
  28. Kaalam Maari Pochu (1956)
  29. Kudumba Vilakku (1956)
  30. Moondru Pengal (1956)
  31. Pudhu Vazhvu (1957)
  32. Kanniyin Sabatham (1958)
  33. Paanai Pidithaval Bhaagyasaali (1958) - His own production
  34. Maragatham (1959)
  35. Nalla Theerpu (1959)
  36. Padikkadha Medhai (1960)
  37. Kappalottiya Thamizhan (1961)
  38. Kumara Raja (1961)
  39. Pangaaligal (1961)
  40. Nichaya Thaamboolam (1962)

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