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Birth nameTetsuya Hashinaga
BornMay 14, 1982 [1]
Origin Gunma Prefecture, Japan
Genres Electropop, pop rock
Occupation(s) Lyricist, composer, record producer
Instruments Electronic keyboard
Years active1991–present
Website t-infinity.jp/creator/t2ya

T2ya, born Tetsuya Hashinaga (橋長 哲也, Hashinaga Tetsuya), is a Japanese songwriter and keyboardist from Gunma Prefecture. In the 1990s, he supported the agency Rising Production, which was later renamed Vision Factory. He wrote both the music and the lyrics of Olivia Lufkin's "I.L.Y. (Yokubō)" [2] and "Re-act." [3] He also composed Mika Nakashima's "One Survive." [4]

In addition, T2ya wrote Aya Ueto's "Pureness," "Kizuna," "Hello" and "Personal."

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Chinfa Kan is Japanese lyricist of Korean descent.


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