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TEDA Hospital
TEDA Hospital
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Location65 Third Street, Binhai District, Tianjin, China
Coordinates 39°01′40″N117°42′59″E / 39.0277°N 117.7164°E / 39.0277; 117.7164 Coordinates: 39°01′40″N117°42′59″E / 39.0277°N 117.7164°E / 39.0277; 117.7164
Type General
Website www.tedahospital.com.cn
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TEDA Hospital (Chinese :泰达医院) is a general hospital in the Binhai New Area of the Chinese metropolis of Tianjin, named for the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area. In 2015, victims of the Tianjin explosions were taken there for treatment. [1] [2]

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Tianjin City and province-level municipality of China

Tianjin, alternately romanized as Tientsin, is a municipality and a coastal metropolis in Northern China on the shore of the Bohai Sea. It is one of the nine national central cities in Mainland China, with a total population estimated at 15,621,200 in 2016. Its built-up area, made up of 12 central districts, was home to 12,491,300 inhabitants in 2016 and is also the world's 29th-largest agglomeration and 11th-most populous city proper.

Tianjin Medical University

Tianjin Medical University (TMU) was founded in 1951; was the first medical institution approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China. Hsien-I Chu, a renowned endocrinologist, was the first president of the university. The current president is Shang Yongfeng.

Taku Forts Historic forts in Binhai, Tianjin, China

The Taku Forts or Dagu Forts, also called the Peiho Forts are forts located by the Hai River estuary in the Binhai New Area, Tianjin, in northeastern China. They are located 60 km (37 mi) southeast of the Tianjin urban center.

Binhai District & State-level new area in Tianjin, Peoples Republic of China

Binhai, officially known as Binhai New Area, is a sub-provincial district and state-level new area within the jurisdiction of Tianjin Municipality in the People's Republic of China.

Tianjin Airlines

Tianjin Airlines is a Chinese airline headquartered in Tianjin Binhai International Airport passenger terminal building, Dongli District, Tianjin, operating domestic scheduled passenger and cargo flights out of Tianjin Binhai International Airport.

Huang Xingguo

Huang Xingguo was the Mayor of Tianjin, and, between 2015 and 2016, the acting Communist Party Secretary of Tianjin. Huang is originally from Zhejiang province, and previously served as party chief of Ningbo, and the party chief of Taizhou. In 2016, he was investigated by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and subsequently expelled from the Communist Party of China for breaking party regulations. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison upon being convicted on charges of bribery.

Line 9 (Tianjin Metro)

Line 9 is a rapid transit line of the Tianjin Metro. It spans 52.8 km with 21 stations, connecting the urban area of Tianjin with Binhai New Area, a new area within the jurisdiction of Tianjin Municipality. The one-way journey time is approximately one hour.

Tianhe-1 Supercomputer

Tianhe-I, Tianhe-1, or TH-1 is a supercomputer capable of an Rmax of 2.5 peta FLOPS. Located at the National Supercomputing Center of Tianjin, China, it was the fastest computer in the world from October 2010 to June 2011 and was one of the few petascale supercomputers in the world.

Hedong District, Tianjin District in Tianjin, Peoples Republic of China

Hedong District is located at the heart of the municipality of Tianjin, People's Republic of China. Its name literally means "east of the river", referring to its location east of the Hai River. Parts of the district were once part of the Russian Concession during the colonial period in the early 20th century. Hedong District hosts Tianjin Railway Station, Tianjin Customs House and General Mail Office of Tianjin. It also hosts Tianjin Conservatory of Music and Tianjin Polytechnic University.

Tianjin West railway station

The Tianjinxi (West) Railway Station is a high-speed railway station in Tianjin. It is served by the Beijing–Shanghai railway and Jinbao Intercity Railway and by the Beijing–Shanghai high-speed railway.

The National Supercomputing Center of Tianjin is located at the National Defense Science and Technology University in Tianjin, China. One of the fastest supercomputers in the world, Tianhe-1A, is located at the facility.

Events in the year 2012 in China.

Donghai Road station

Donghai Road Station, also known as Donghailu Station, is a station of Line 9 of the Tianjin Metro. It started operations on 28 March 2004.

Li Hu (Chinese: 李虎; pinyin: Lǐ Hǔ; is the pseudonym of a prominent Chinese HIV/AIDS activist. He died from complications from AIDS at the age of 40.

The following lists events that happened during 2015 in China.

2015 New Taipei water park fire 2015 dust fire in Taiwan

On 27 June 2015, a dust fire occurred at Formosa Fun Coast, a water park in Bali, New Taipei, Taiwan. Staff of an outdoor "colour powder party" sprayed clouds of corn starch towards the participants, which ignited. The fire lasted 40 seconds and burned 508 people, killing 15 and leaving 199 in critical condition.

2015 Tianjin explosions Disaster in Tianjin, China

On 12 August 2015, a series of explosions killed 173 people, according to official reports, and injured hundreds of others at a container storage station at the Port of Tianjin. The first two explosions occurred within 30 seconds of each other at the facility, which is located in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin, China. The second explosion was far larger and involved the detonation of about 800 tonnes of ammonium nitrate. Fires caused by the initial explosions continued to burn uncontrolled throughout the weekend, resulting in eight additional explosions on 15 August.

Yang Dongliang is a former Chinese politician who spent most of his career in the city of Tianjin in northern China. He has successively served as the vice mayor of Tianjin, and the Director of the State Administration of Work Safety. In August 2015, he was put under investigation by the Communist Party's anti-corruption agency. Yang was a member of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China; he was the sixth member of the committee to be investigated for wrongdoing following the 18th Party Congress.

The 2015 Dongyin explosion was an explosion that occurred at the Diao Kou Xiang Bin Yuan Chemical Co. located within the Dongying Economic Development Zone in Dongying, Shandong, China, on Monday, 31 August 2015 and killed thirteen people.

2020 Beirut explosion Accidental ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

On 4 August 2020, a large amount of ammonium nitrate stored at the Port of Beirut in the capital city of Lebanon exploded, causing at least 218 deaths, 7,000 injuries, and US$15 billion in property damage, and leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless. A cargo of 2,750 tones of the substance had been stored in a warehouse without proper safety measures for the previous six years, after having been confiscated by the Lebanese authorities from the abandoned ship MV Rhosus. The explosion was preceded by a fire in the same warehouse, but as of September 2021, the exact cause of the detonation is still under investigation.


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