Takaaki Ishibashi

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Takaaki Ishibashi
Born (1961-10-22) October 22, 1961 (age 59)
OccupationComedian, actor, singer
Years active1984–present
Height1.82 m (6 ft 0 in)

Takaaki Ishibashi (石橋 貴明, Ishibashi Takaaki, born October 22, 1961) is a Japanese owarai artist, singer and actor.

Born in Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan, Ishibashi moved to Narimasu, Itabashi after his father's bankruptcy in his first grade at an elementary school. He attended Teikyo Junior & Senor High School and is best known as a member of Tunnels and Yaen with his partner Noritake Kinashi. He is currently married to actress Honami Suzuki (鈴木 保奈美). He was the co-host of the popular music/interview show, Utaban with Masahiro Nakai. He has several nicknames such as "Taka-san" and "Taka-chan."

Ishibashi is known for "teasing" music artists on his show Utaban, especially Morning Musume. He has over the years come up with different pet names for each member such as Johnson for Kaori Iida (飯田圭織) or Ka-san for Sayaka Ichii (市井紗耶香). This is apparently done purely for humor, based on comments made regarding Takaaki by his "victims," and in many cases these taunts actually increase the marketing "buzz" surrounding the artists.

Particularly well known is Ishibashi's fascination with accusing Kei Yasuda (保田圭) of anything from simple hideousness, to outright alien or supernatural evil, which started back when the group debuted. Numerous CG images will depict her as a hag or Kappa or show her in some maniacal facial expression while doing the activities she is speaking of in the interview. Both Kei and her mother apparently credit this humorous "abuse" with Kei's popularity as a member.

He is also an actor known for playing Isuro Tanaka in the film Major League II and Taka Tanaka in Major League: Back to the Minors.

Ishibashi is a member of the Japanese vocal group Yazima Beauty Salon.

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