Takis Miliadis

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Takis Miliadis
Born(1922-09-26)September 26, 1922
Athens, Greece
DiedApril 14, 1985(1985-04-14) (aged 62)
Ioannina, Greece
Occupation Actor

Panagiotis (Takis) Miliadis (Greek : Τάκης Μηλιάδης; September 26, 1922 - April 14, 1985) was a Greek actor who is known for his comedic acting roles.



Takis Miliadis was born in Athens, Greece on September 26, 1922, into a theatrical and musical family. As his father, Nikos, was an actor in musical theatre, and his mother, Marika Anthopoulou, was an opera singer, he was intensely exposed to theatrical acting during his childhood. Later, he was characterised as the ‘Maurice Chevalier’ of Greece. He studied theatre with other famous students, such as Kostas Bastias and Dimitris Rontiros. Miliadis married three times, first to Betty Moschona, and then to Sasa Kazeli. Finally, he married Paraskevi Kollis and together they raised a son, Marios Miltiadis.

Miliadis graduated from the University of Athens Medical School. Throughout his career, Miliadis has played roles in films and theatre. During his theatrical career, he earned great reviews from critics. At one point in his life he worked in Germany as a radio presenter, as part of a Greek-language broadcast.

Other than theatricals, films, radio and television broadcasts, he also did many refreshments in the Athens-Piraues time, with several number of reviews. He was one of the only invited hosts in the Sunday television broadcasts on YENED (now ET2) Kyriaki horis sinnefa (Κυριακή χωρίς σύννεφα = Sundays Without Any Clouds), in theatrical sketches and also presented Omiros Athinaios.


On April 12th 1985, Miliadis was involved in a car crash near his home in Ioannina. He survived the incident but he was left fatally wounded and he eventually succumbed to his injuries two days later. [1]


YearFilmTransliteration and translationRole
1960 Allou ta kararismata Αλλού τα κακαρίσματα...-
1961 I Avgi tou Thriamvou Η Αυγή του Θριάμβου-
1964 Kosmos kai Kosmakis Κόσμος και Κοσμάκης (People and its People) Padelis Touvlaras
1965 Einai enas trelos... trelos... trellos... Veggos *Eίναι ένας τρελός... τρελός... τρελός ΒέγγοςJames Bondopoulos
1966 Kounia pou se kounage Kούνια που σε κούναγεTryfonas Karabolas
1967 Voitheia! O Vengos faneros praktor 000 Βοήθεια!... O Βέγγος φανερός πράκτωρ 000Manolis
1967 Trelos, palavos kai Veggos Tρελός, παλαβός και ΒέγγοςGrigoris
1967 I paichnidiara Η παιχνιδιάρα-
1967 The World Has Gone Crazy Ο κόσμος τρελάθηκε (O kosmos trelathike)Patroklos
1967 Kolonaki, diagogi miden Kολωνάκι, διαγωγή μηδένPetros de la Sibela
1967 Enas apendaros leftas Ένας απένταρος λεφτάςLoukas Grigoriou
1968 Kakos, psihros ki anapodos Kακός, ψυχρός κι ανάποδοςGiannis Reppas
1969 Thou-Vou falakros praktor, epiheirisis "Yis Mathiam" Θου-Βου φαλακρός πράκτωρ, επιχείρησις Γης Μαδιάμdirector
1969 Who is Thanassis Ποιος Θανάσης (Pios Thanassis)Fondas Bazoukas
1969 Ena asyllipto koroido Ένα ασύλληπτο κορόιδοVangelis Lepouras
1970 The Dry-Head Ο ξεροκέφαλος (O xerokefalos)Andronikos
1972 Axiomatikos Ypiresias Αξιωματικός Υπηρεσίας-
1973 The Man That Ran Too Much Ό άνθρωπος που έτρεχε πολύ (O anthropos pou etrehe poli)Harilaos Zevedaios
1978 O falakros mathitis Ο φαλακρός μαθητήςDespoinopoulos

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