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Birth nameKazuyoshi Morita (森田 一義)
Native nameタモリ
Born (1945-08-22) 22 August 1945 (age 75)
Minami-ku, Fukuoka, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Years active1975–present
EmployerTanabe Agency
Genres Owarai
Notable works and roles

Kazuyoshi Morita (森田 一義, Morita Kazuyoshi, born 22 August 1945 in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), known by his stage name Tamori (タモリ) (an anagram of his surname), is a Japanese television celebrity. Known for his trademark dark sunglasses, Tamori is one of the "big three" television comedians in Japan along with Takeshi Kitano (a.k.a. Beat Takeshi) and Sanma Akashiya. [1] For more than 30 years he hosted Waratte Iitomo! ("It's OK to laugh!"), a nationally televised live show broadcast every weekday at noon from October 1982 until March 2014. [2] His likeness is the basis for the Piranha Plant in All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. [3]


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<i>Waratte Iitomo!</i>

Morita Kazuyoshi Hour: Waratte Iitomo! was a Japanese variety show aired every weekday on Fuji TV. The show was hosted by Tamori and ran from 1982 to 2014. The show was produced in the Studio Alta building in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The show featured a series of regular members who only appeared on a particular day of the week. These regular members were changed periodically.

Tamori Club is a late-night variety program hosted by comedian Kazuyoshi Morita, better known as Tamori. It is broadcast in Japan on the TV Asahi network. It started on 8 October 1982, and is one of the longest-running programs in Japan. This program deals with social phenomena from original, maniac viewpoints. Due to its "low budget", it has no stage sets, and almost all of the shooting is done on location.

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Audrey, is a Japanese owarai comedy duo of Toshiaki Kasuga as boke and Masayasu Wakabayashi as tsukkomi, formed in 2000. The duo won 2nd place in the M-1 Grand Prix 2008 competition. As of February 2009, the duo belongs to the management company K Dash Stage Co., Ltd.

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Taka and Toshi is a Japanese manzai (stand-up) comedy duo (kombi) from Sapporo consisting of Takahiro Suzuki a.k.a. "Taka" as boke and Toshikazu Miura a.k.a. "Toshi" as tsukkomi. They are under contract to the entertainment agency, Yoshimoto Kogyo. Formed in 1994, they are best known for their stand-up acts and as TV tarentos in variety shows.

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Louis Kurihara is a Japanese fashion model, TV personality, and actor represented by the Ever Green Entertainment agency. He appears on Japanese TV, playing on his "overly negative" character, and debuted as a film actor in the 2013 film Zekkyō Gakkyū.

Bura Tamori)is a Japanese weekly geographical TV series broadcast domestically on NHK General Television and internationally on NHK World Premium hosted by Tamori. It started in 2008.

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Hollywood Zakoshisyoh

Hollywood Zakoshisyoh is a Japanese comedian from Shimizu-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture who has appeared in many television variety shows, as well as television dramas, radio and web series. His real name is Shigeki Nakazawa. After going through Yoshimoto Kogyo and Watanabe Entertainment, he currently belongs to the SMA NEET Project. His stage name during his kombi years was Zakoshisyoh. His is nicknamed "Zakoshi," (ザコシ) "Zakoshisyoh". Martial artist Shinya Aoki is his cousin.


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