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Taotao (Chinese :涛涛 c. 1972 April 2, 2008) was a Chinese giant panda. Taotao was China's oldest living giant panda at the time of her death at the age of 36. [1]

Taotao was born in the wild in Gansu province, [1] and in October 1994 was brought to the zoo in Jinan in the Shandong province. [1] Taotao never gave birth in captivity, despite the efforts of researchers and zoo keepers. [1]

Taotao was considered to be one of the Jinan Zoo's star attractions and was seen by millions of visitors from 1994 to 2008. [1] The Jinan Zoo reportedly bestowed the title of "ambassador of harmonious zoology" on Taotao. [1]

Taotao died from brain thrombus and a cerebral hemorrhage on April 2, 2008, at the Jinan Zoo. [1] She had been in declining health since the brain thrombus disease was discovered in February 2008. [1] Taotao lived far beyond the average life expectancy of a giant panda, who usually live to the age of 25 years. [1] Taotao's remains will reportedly be returned to Gansu province. [1]

As of 2008, over 200 of the giant pandas that are native to China live in captivity around the world. [1]

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