Taraneh Records

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Taraneh Records
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Parent companyTaraneh Enterprises, Inc
FounderVartan Avanesian, Jahanghir Tebriaei
Distributor(s)Taraneh Records
GenreVarious Persian music
Country of origin United States
Location Reseda, California
Official website www.taranehrecords.com

Taraneh Records (Persian : شرکت ترانه) is a record label based in Reseda, California. The label focuses on Iranian music. Taraneh Enterprises, Inc. (dba: Taraneh Records) is a major manufacturer and distributor of Persian Media (DVD, CD, VHS) in the United States. Taraneh Enterprises, Inc. has a large selection of old and new Iranian music CDs and movies on DVDs. [1]


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Artists and bands who have recorded with Taraneh Enterprises, Inc include:

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Anoushiravan Rohani Iranian Accordion, pianist and songwriter

Anoushiravan Rohani, also spelled Anooshiravan Rowhani, is an Iranian pianist and composer. He is known for composing and conducting contemporary classical music, as well as pop music with light classical leaning. He has also composed a number of scores to Iranian films.

Dariush (singer) Iranian singer

Dariush Eghbali better known by his stage name Dariush is an Iranian singer and actor. He is also a social activist who has been promoting education, awareness and prevention with regards to social maladies.

Shakila Iranian singer

Shakila is a Persian-American singer-songwriter based in San Diego, California. She is an international artist who has performed in various languages including Persian, Kurdish, English, Turkish, Hindi and Spanish. She has won a Persian Music Academy Award in 2006 and a Global Music Award in 2015. Shakila has released over twenty albums in Persian language as well as numerous albums in English. She primarily sings about spirituality, love, peace, and awakening. Lyrics of her songs are inspired by Rumi and other major poets. She is also an official voting member at the Grammy Awards.

Leila Forouhar Iranian singer

Leila Forouhar is an Iranian pop and classical singer. She was a child star, acting from the age of 3. She is one of the most successful women artists in Iranian society. She relocated to Turkey in 1984, then to Paris, before emigrating to Los Angeles in 1988.

'Ostad (“Master”) Mahmoud Zoufonoun' was an accomplished musician in the art of Persian traditional music.

Taraneh Alidoosti Iranian actress

Taraneh Alidoosti is an Iranian actress. In a poll conducted among 130 film critics by Sanate Cinema magazine, she was voted the best Iranian movie actress of the decade. She has been suggested to be one of the best actresses in Iran. In 2012, a similar poll by the Film Monthly Magazine also chose her as the best actress of the decade.

Susan Roshan is an Iranian singer, who currently lives in Houston. After the Iranian Revolution, she moved to the United States with her parents and brother at the age of twelve.

Shahrum Kashani better known as Shahrum K or SK is an Iranian pop singer. He has released 8 commercially successful albums with notable hits.

Mansour Jafari Mamaghani, better known as Mansour, is an Iranian artist renowned as a Persian musical artist based in Southern California.

Ali Reza Eftekhari is an Iranian vocalist of Iranian classical and popular music.

Shahram Shabpareh Iranian pop singer and actor

Shahram Shabpareh is an Iranian Pop singer and songwriter.

Pouya is an Iranian singer. He is most famous for his 2000 "Safar" (Journey) song. Pouya's songs has spread out among Iranians, Afghans and other Persian speaking people. Pouya performs Persian pop music and he currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Javad Yasari Iranian singer of popular music

Javad Yasari is an Iranian Street singer of popular music.

Fereydoon Foroughi was the fourth and last child of his family and was born in Tehran. He contributed greatly to Iranian music and arts and his unique voice and style soon caught on with the people. In addition to his studies in acting, playing the guitar, piano and organ he also composed music. His style was inspired by jazz and blues. He started his professional work in 1971 with the film "Adamak" by Khosrow Haritash. "Adamak" was done by Touraj Shaabankhani and the vocals were by Foroughi.

Faramarz Aslani Iranian guitarist, songwriter and Persian folk/pop singer

Faramarz Aslani is an Iranian singer, guitarist, composer, songwriter, and Producer.

Afshin Jafari, known by the mononym Afshin, is an Iranian singer based in Germany.

Abdolreza Kiani Nejad, more commonly known as Maziar also spelled Mazyar, was a prominent Iranian singer.

<i>Khalij</i> (album) 1990 studio album by Ebi

Khalij or Khalij-e Fars, is a studio album by Iranian singer, Ebi, released in 1990 on the label of Taraneh Records.

Martik Qarah Khanian, known mononymously as Martik, is an Iranian singer and songwriter.

An election to the Islamic City Council of Tehran took place on 19 May 2017, along with the local elections nationwide.