Tarar Khel

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Tarar Khel
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Tarar Khel
Coordinates: 33°45′44″N73°47′18″E / 33.7621°N 73.7883°E / 33.7621; 73.7883 Coordinates: 33°45′44″N73°47′18″E / 33.7621°N 73.7883°E / 33.7621; 73.7883
CountryFlag of Pakistan.svg  Pakistan
State Azad Kashmir
District Sudhanoti
1,982 m (6,502 ft)
  Official Urdu
Time zone PST

Tarar Khel (Urdu : تراڑ خیل or تراڑ کھل) (also spelled Tarar Khal, Tararkhel and Tararkhal) is a town and tourist attraction in Sudhanoti District of Pakistan-administered Kashmir, which is disputed with India. It is the headquarters of Tehsil Tarar Khel. It is located 129 kilometers (80 mi) from Islamabad, 31 kilometers (19 mi) from Rawalakot and 26 kilometers (16 mi) from Pallandri at an altitude of 6,502 feet (1,982 m). [1]

A rest house of the Pakistan Public Works Department exists here for tourists stay at. All the basic necessities of life are available in town.

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Darra Adam Khel is a town in Frontier Region Kohat located in between Kohat and Peshawar, within the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. Formerly a part of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), It has gained fame and notoriety for its bazaars packed with gunsmiths and weapons merchants. The town consists of one main street lined with multiple shops, along with some alleys and side streets containing workshops. It is mostly inhabited by Pashtuns of the Afridi clan, that is the Adamkhel.

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Tarar is a Pakistani surname. Notable people with the name include:

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Kotli is the chief town of Kotli District, in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Kotli is linked with Mirpur by two metalled roads, one via Rajdhani, (90 km) and the other via Charhoi. It is also directly linked with Rawalakot via Tarar Khel (82 km) and a double road which links Kotli with the rest of Pakistan via Sehnsa, another major town in Azad Kashmir. Kotli is roughly a three hours drive from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, at a distance of 117 km via Sehnsa.

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Sudhanoti, meaning the "Heartland of Sudhans" Sudhan (tribe) Noti (heartland), is one of the eight districts of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. Sudhanoti is located at Latitude 33° 42′ 54″ N, Longitude 73° 41′ 9″ E. It is located 90 kilometres (56 mi) away from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is connected with Rawalpindi and Islamabad through Azad Pattan road.

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The Mahabbat Khel or Muhabbat Khel or Mohabbat khel or Muhabbat kheyl are Pashtun of Allai. They belonged originally to the Yousufzai tribe, but in Mansehra and Allai the Khel is known as a Swati tribe, because of their invaded from Swat and Afghanistan wardak-kabol.

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Mari Indus is a town in Mianwali District, Punjab, Pakistan, situated on bank of the Indus River near Kalabagh. It is located at 32°57 North 71°34 East and has an altitude of 206m or 679 ft.

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The National Highway 70, or the N-70, is one of the National Highways of Pakistan. It runs from the city of Multan in Punjab to the town of Qilla Saifullah via Dera Ghazi Khan, and Loralai in Balochistan province. Its total length is 440 kilometres (270 mi) divided into 254 kilometres (158 mi) in Balochistan and the remaining 186 km (116 mi) in the Punjab. It is maintained and operated by Pakistan's National Highway Authority.

Daud Khel–Lakki Marwat Branch Line was one of several branch lines in Pakistan, operated and maintained by Pakistan Railways. The line began at Daud Khel Junction and ended at Lakki Marwat Junction. The total length of this railway line was 92 kilometers (57 mi) with 7 railway stations. It was known by locals as "choti rail", since it was the only 762 mm narrow gauge railway in the country. The line was dismantled in 1995.

Bannu–Tank Branch Line was one of several branch lines in Pakistan, operated and maintained by Pakistan Railways. The line began at Bannu and ended at Tank Junction. The total length of this railway line was 122 kilometers (76 mi) with 7 railway stations. It was known by locals as "choti rail", since it was the only 762 mm narrow gauge railway in the country. The line was dismantled in 1995.

The Khushalgarh–Kohat–Thal Railway is one of several railway lines in Pakistan, operated and maintained by Pakistan Railways. The line originally ran from Golra Sharif Junction railway station to Khushalgarh station and onward to Thal station, however the line now ends at Kohat Cantonment station. The total length of this railway line is 272 kilometers (169 mi) to Thal station and 176 kilometers (109 mi) to Kohat. There are 16 railway stations from Golra Sharif Junction to Thal. In 1991, the Kohat-Thal section was abandoned by Pakistan Railways.


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