Tatyana Lolova

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Татяна Лолова
Tatyana Lolova
Tatyana Lolova in 2010
Born(1934-02-10)10 February 1934
Died22 March 2021(2021-03-22) (aged 87)
OccupationFilm and Theatre Actress
Years active1955–2021

Tatyana Lolova (Bulgarian : Татяна Лолова, 10 February 1934 – 22 March 2021 [1] ) was a Bulgarian stage and film actress. She was best known for her comedy roles that she played for more than 40 years, bringing her the reputation as one of the most popular Bulgarian actresses. [2]


Biography and career

Lolova was born on 10 February 1934 in the Bulgarian capital city of Sofia. Her mother was of Russian-Ukrainian descent. Her father Zhelyazko Lolov was an accountant. Tatyana enrolled in the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts where she graduated in 1955. After the graduation, she was appointed in Russe Theatre, where Lolova remained until the end of 1956 when she joined the troupe of the newly founded Satirical Theatre "Aleko Konstantinov“ in Sofia. She died at the age of 87 in Sofia from complications following a COVID-19 infection. [3]

Partial filmography

1964 Neveroyatna istoriya / Incredible Story Bulgarian : Невероятна история
1968 Chovekat ot La Mancha / Man of La Mancha Bulgarian : Човекът от Ла Манча
TV musical
1973 Siromashko Lyato / Indian Summer Toteva Bulgarian : Сиромашко лято
1974 Posledniyat ergen / The Last Bachelor Zara Shishkova Bulgarian : Последният ерген
1976 Shturetz v uhoto / A Cricket in the Ear Vlastnata Bulgarian : Щурец в ухото
1977 Zvezdi v kosite, salzi v ochite / Stars in Her Hair, Tears in Her Eyes Sultana Syarova Bulgarian : Звезди в косите, сълзи в очите
1978 Toplo / Warmth Upravitelkata Bulgarian : Топло
1983 Bon shans, inspektore! / Bonne Chance, Inspector! Eliza Karadushieva (Velizar's mother) Bulgarian : Бон шанс, инспекторе!
1984 Opasen char / Dangerous charm Bulgarian : Опасен чар
1987 13ta godenitsa na printsa / The Thirteenth Bride of the Prince Ladylay Bulgarian : 13та годеница на принца
2003 Journey to Jerusalem
2014 Bulgarian Rhapsody
2011 House Arrest мама Еми Bulgarian : Домашен арест

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