Telephone numbers in Lithuania

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Lithuania telephone numbers
Country Lithuania
Continent Europe
NSN length8
Typical format(8x) xxx xxxx
(8xx) xx xxxx
(8xxx) xxxxx
Access codes
Country calling code +370
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix 8

Lithuania uses an open telephone numbering plan with all phone numbers having nine digits, including the prefix "8", a 1-3 digit area code and 5-7 digit subscriber telephone number. The current plan was introduced in stages in 2001-2003, replacing Soviet-legacy area codes and altering some subscriber numbers. [1] [2]



Lithuania uses a total of 47 area codes for landline phones, all beginning with 3, 4 or 5. Within same area code, landlines can be dialed without the prefix and the area code. [3]

Mobile numbers begin with 6, corporate or state institution numbers with 7, toll-free, reverse-charge and share-charge numbers with 8, and premium rate numbers with 9. [3]

Network services numbers begin with "1", dialed without a prefix. This includes numbers beginning with "11", reserved for emergency and special services, such as:


Lithuania uses area code prefix "8", inherited from Soviet-times which was not changed in 2002, but deemed temporary with a view to eventually changing it to "0", as used in many European countries. [3]

Partly due to problems rolling out the national emergency line 112, the country delayed removal of Soviet-legacy emergency numbers 01, 02 and 03 until 2021 October 1, making the "0" prefix unavailable for other uses. [4]

International dialing prefix "00" replaced Soviet-era 810 in 2003.

Lithuania uses +370 country calling code since 1993, replacing area code in Soviet-numbering space +7 012.

National area codes

Akmenė: 8425 Alytus: 8315 Anykščiai: 8381 Birštonas: 8319 Biržai: 8450 Druskininkai: 8313 Elektrėnai: 8528 Ignalina: 8386 Jonava: 8349 Joniškis: 8426 Jurbarkas: 8447 Kaišiadorys: 8346 Kaunas: 837 Kelmė: 8427 Kėdainiai: 8347 Klaipėda: 846 Kretinga: 8445 Kupiškis: 8459 Lazdijai: 8318 Marijampolė: 8343 Mažeikiai: 8443 Molėtai: 8383 Neringa: 8469 Pakruojis: 8421 Palanga: 8460 Panevėžys: 845 Pasvalys: 8451 Plungė: 8448 Prienai: 8319 Radviliškis: 8422 Raseiniai: 8428 Rokiškis: 8458 Skuodas: 8440 Šakiai: 8345 Šalčininkai: 8380 Šiauliai: 841 Šilalė: 8449 Šilutė: 8441 Širvintos: 8382 Švenčionys: 8387 Tauragė: 8446 Telšiai: 8444 Trakai: 8528 Ukmergė: 8340 Utena: 8389 Varėna: 8310 Vilkaviškis: 8342 Vilnius: 85  Visaginas: 8386 Zarasai: 8385

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