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Country Malta
Continent Europe
NSN length8
Access codes
Country calling code +356
International call prefix 00

Malta adopted a new telephone numbering plan in 2001–2002, in which telephone numbers were expanded to eight digits for fixed line and mobile numbers. Previously, fixed line numbers were six digits, while mobile, mailbox and pager services were seven digits long.

Geographic numbering

The prefix 21 was added to GO fixed line numbers.

         xx xxxx (before 2002, from within Malta)       21xx xxxx (after 2002, from within Malta)  +356 21xx xxxx (after 2002, outside Malta)

Melita fixed line numbers have the prefix 27. [1]

Numbers were generally assigned according to locality:

Non-geographic numbering

The prefix 9 for seven-digit Epic mobile phone numbers was changed to 99.

         9xx xxxx (before 2002, from within Malta)       99xx xxxx (after 2002, from within Malta)  +356 99xx xxxx (after 2002, outside Malta)

The prefix 09 for Vodafone mobile phone numbers was changed to 99.

Mobile phone numbers with the prefix 09, which were already eight digits, changed to 99. The digit 0 was to be dialled from outside Malta as well as domestically.

         09xx xxxx (before 2002, from within Malta)       99xx xxxx (after 2002, from within Malta)  +356 09xx xxxx (before 2002, outside Malta)  +356 99xx xxxx (after 2002, outside Malta)

Other non-geographic number ranges also changed, with the prefix for seven-digit mailbox numbers changing from 07 to 217.

         07x xxxx (before 2002, from within Malta)       217x xxxx (after 2002, from within Malta)     +356 07x xxxx (before 2002, outside Malta)     +356 217x xxxx (after 2002, outside Malta)

Similarly, the prefix for pager numbers changed from 70 and 71 to 7117

         70x xxxx (before 2002, from within Malta)       7117 xxxx (after 2002, from within Malta)  +356 7117 xxxx (after 2002, outside Malta)

The prefix for Go Mobile is 79

      79xx xxxx (after 2002, from within Malta)  +356 79xx xxxx (after 2002, outside Malta)

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A telephone numbering plan is a type of numbering scheme used in telecommunication to assign telephone numbers to subscriber telephones or other telephony endpoints. Telephone numbers are the addresses of participants in a telephone network, reachable by a system of destination code routing. Telephone numbering plans are defined in each of administrative regions of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and they are also present in private telephone networks. For public number systems, geographic location plays a role in the sequence of numbers assigned to each telephone subscriber.

Malta is the country with the most holidays in the European Union. Since 2005, any holidays falling on Saturdays or Sundays do not add an extra day to the workers' leave pool.

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Districts of Malta

Malta is subdivided in districts of localities in order to administer the country in regions rather than locality. The districts have no administrative significance as the local councils provide the first-tier divisions of the country.

Christianity in Malta Worship of Christ in Malta

In the small Mediterranean island nation of Malta the predominant religion is Roman Catholicism.

The national conventions for writing telephone numbers vary by country. While international standards exist in the form of the International Telecommunication Union sector ITU-T issued recommendation E.123, national telephone numbering plans define the format and length of telephone numbers assigned to telephones.

The 2010–11 Maltese First Division began on 23 October 2010 and will conclude on 1 May 2011.

Post codes in Malta are seven-character strings that form part of a postal address in Malta. Post codes were first introduced in 1991 by the mail operator MaltaPost. Like those in the United Kingdom and Canada, they are alphanumeric.

The 2011–12 Maltese Premier League was the 97th season of the Maltese Premier League, the top-tier football league in Malta. It began on 19 August 2011 and it ended in May 2012. Valletta were the defending champions, having won their 20th title last season.

Roads in Malta

In Malta most of the main roads are in the outskirts of the localities to connect one urban area with another urban area. The most important roads are those that connect the south of the island with the northern part, like Tal-Barrani Road, Aldo Moro Street in Marsa and Birkirkara Bypass.

Malta Xlokk

Malta Xlokk, also known as the South Eastern Region, was a region of Malta between 1993 and 2009. It was located on the main island of Malta, bordering Malta Majjistral. It included the capital Valletta. The name referred to the Sirocco wind, which is Xlokk in Maltese.

The 2017–18 Maltese FA Trophy was the 80th version of the football tournament. It was sponsored by Boost Diesel, which was revealed during the draws of the first, second and third round of the Maltese FA Trophy at the Trophies Lounge in Malta Football Association headquarters in Ta' Qali. A total of sixty–four clubs participated in this season's cup competition.

The 2018–19 Maltese FA Trophy was the 81st edition of the football cup competition. A record number of 67 clubs competed in the FA Trophy, with the first round starting on the weekend of 1–2 September 2018 and concluding with the final played on 18 May 2019.

The 2019–20 Maltese FA Trophy was the 82nd edition of the football cup competition.