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Textures live in Delhi.jpg
From left to right: Jochem Jacobs, Daniel de Jongh, Stef Broks, Uri Dijk, Remko Tielemans and Bart Hennephof at Rendezvous 2010, IIT Delhi, India
Background information
Origin Tilburg, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Genres Progressive metal, metalcore
Years active2001–2017 [1]
Labels Listenable, Nuclear Blast
Website texturesband.com
MembersDaniël de Jongh
Stef Broks
Bart Hennephof
Remko Tielemans
Uri Dijk
Joe Tal
Past membersPieter Verpaalen
Rom De Leeuw
Dennis Aarts
Eric Kalsbeek
Richard Rietdijk
Jochem Jacobs

Textures were a Dutch metalcore band, formed in 2001. Textures' lineup revolved around founding members Jochem Jacobs, Stef Broks, Bart Hennephof, and bassist Remko Tielemans who joined in 2007. Since 2010, vocalist Daniël de Jongh and keyboardist Uri Dijk have been with the band.

Metalcore is a fusion genre combining elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk, that originated in the late 1980s. Among other styles blending metal and hardcore, such as crust punk and grindcore, metalcore is noted for its use of breakdowns, which are slow, intense passages conducive to moshing. Other defining instrumentation includes heavy guitar riffs often utilizing percussive pedal tones and double bass drumming. Vocalists in the genre typically perform screaming, more popular bands often combine this with the use of standard singing, usually during the bridge or chorus of a song. However the death growl is also a popular technique within the genre.

Jochem Jacobs Dutch musician

Jochem Jacobs is a Dutch guitarist, producer and recording engineer, noted for his work as founder, guitarist and producer for Textures. He works at Split Second Sound, a studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He has been involved with the mixing, mastering and production of all Textures albums so far, as well as other bands such as Epica, Autumn, Stream of Passion, Heidevolk, Severe Torture, Hord, In-Quest, Almah, Izegrim, The Red Shore, Intwine, Face Tomorrow, Kingfisher Sky and Devious. He is endorsed by Mayones guitars.

Stef Broks Dutch musician

Stef Broks is a Dutch drummer best known for his work with Textures. He is known for playing rock and metal with a fusion touch and an extensive use of polyrhythms. He also had success with the fusion band Exivious, playing on their first album. However, after the band reformed in 2011, and became a full-time band, Broks split with the band on good terms, citing that he simply cannot find reasonable time to commit to another full-time band. He was replaced by Yuma van Eekelen, who left Pestilence to join Exivious. Broks currently teaches at the Herman Brood Academy and Het Popstation in Utrecht and the Metal Factory in Eindhoven.


Textures first came to the spotlight with their debut album Polars with Listenable Records which won an Essent Award for "Most Promising Act" in 2004. [2] Since then, the band released 2 more albums with Listenable Records, 2006's Drawing Circles and 2008's Silhouettes after signing to Nuclear Blast records.

Listenable Records is an independent record label based in Wimereux, France. It specializes in death metal.

<i>Drawing Circles</i> 2006 studio album by Textures

Drawing Circles is the second album by Dutch metal band Textures. It is fairly similar to their previous album, except with clearer production and shorter ambient sections than those on Polars. There is a greater emphasis on metal music than the previous album; thus, there are more songs on this release. It also marks the first album with vocalist Eric Kalsbeek.

<i>Silhouettes</i> (Textures album) 2008 studio album by Textures

Silhouettes is the third album by Dutch metal band Textures. The band released the first song from the album, Old Days Born Anew on their MySpace page on 14 March 2008 for both streaming and downloading. On 1 April 2008 a second song Storm Warning was released for streaming and downloading from the band's MySpace. It was announced on 11 April 2008 that due to a manufacturing delay, the new album would not be released until 5 May 2008, except in Benelux, where the album was released on 21 April 2008.


Formation and Polars (2001–2003)

In 2001, Jochem Jacobs, guitarist Bart Hennephof, drummer Stef Broks, bassist Dennis Aarts and keyboard player Richard Rietdijk formed the band and were joined by vocalist Pieter Verpaalen for their debut album Polars with Listenable Records. The album was fully self produced, with the mixing and recording done by Jacobs and Rietdijk and the artwork done by Hennephof.

The name Textures was coined by Stef Broks as an indicator of the use of many layers of sounds in their songs, the blending of different musical backgrounds and tastes, as well as the varying personalities of the band members. [3]

Drawing Circles and Silhouettes (2004–2008)

Guitarist Jochem Jacobs live in London, 2007 Textures - Jochem Jacobs.jpg
Guitarist Jochem Jacobs live in London, 2007

Vocalist Verpaalen was replaced by Eric Kalsbeek for their second album Drawing Circles, released on 17 October 2006. The song "Millstone" from the album was also made into a music video. In support of the album, Textures toured with bands such as The Ocean, Gojira and Arch Enemy and culminated in a Europe wide tour with All That Remains and Misery Signals plus nominations in three categories of Holland’s Live XS Awards.

The Ocean (band) band

The Ocean is a German progressive metal band started in 2000 by German guitarist Robin Staps. The band's first stable line-up was formed by 2009 during recording sessions for Heliocentric and Anthropocentric.

Gojira (band) French heavy metal band

Gojira are a French heavy metal band from Bayonne. Originally formed as Godzilla in 1996, they changed their name to Gojira in 2001. The band's lineup, consisting of brothers Joe Duplantier and Mario Duplantier, guitarist Christian Andreu, and bassist Jean-Michel Labadie, has been the same since the band's name change.

Arch Enemy Swedish melodic death metal band

Arch Enemy is a Swedish melodic death metal band, originally a supergroup, from Halmstad, formed in 1995. Its members were in bands such as Carcass, Armageddon, Carnage, Mercyful Fate, Spiritual Beggars, Nevermore, and Eucharist. It was founded by Carcass guitarist Michael Amott along with Johan Liiva, who were both originally from the death metal band Carnage. The band has released ten studio albums, three live albums, three video albums and four EPs. The band was originally fronted by Johan Liiva, who was replaced by German vocalist Angela Gossow in 2000. Gossow left the band in March 2014 and was replaced by Canadian vocalist Alissa White-Gluz, but remained as the group's manager.

2007 saw the introduction of bassist Remko Tielemans, with whom the band recorded their 2008 release, Silhouettes which entered he Dutch chart at position no. 100, the band's first chart showing ever.

The album also featured the hit "Awake", which was made into a music video. The video was shot at the beginning of October in the Belgian Ardennes under supervision of director Rob Hodselmans and producer David Leite with assistance from the Dutch Government. [4]

Ardennes low mountain range in Belgium

The Ardennes is a region of extensive forests, rough terrain, rolling hills and ridges formed by the geological features of the Ardennes mountain range and the Moselle and Meuse River basins. Geologically, the range is a western extension of the Eifel, and both were raised during the Givetian age of the Devonian as were several other named ranges of the same greater range.

The vinyl version of Silhouettes was released in November 2008 through Garden of Exile Records. The LP was limited to 500 copies and pressed on 180-gram vinyl. The artwork was printed on extra-thick cardboard gatefold jacket with golden foil print.

The band played their first ever show in India, co-headlining the Deccan Rock Festival in Bangalore on 5 December 2009 along with Amon Amarth. [5] The band returned to India in October 2010, performing in New Delhi at the annual festival of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Rendezvous 2010. [6]

Lineup changes and Dualism (2009-2011)

Bassist Remko Tielemans live in New Delhi, India Remko tielemans.jpg
Bassist Remko Tielemans live in New Delhi, India

After 6 years, singer/frontman Eric Kalsbeek announced his departure from the band citing the lack of personal time and ability to continue with the band. In March 2010, Daniël de Jongh (formerly of Cilice) joined the band as a replacement. Due to the singer change, the follow-up to their 2008 release Silhouettes was postponed to early 2011. [7]

Soon after Daniel de Jongh was announced as the replacement, keyboard player Richard Rietdijk left the band. He was replaced by Uri Dijk, originally as a live stand-in and finally as a permanent member in September 2010. [8]

On 27 January 2011, the band announced on their official website they entered the studio to begin the recording of their fourth studio album, with the following statement:

We have started recording our fourth album at Split Second Sound studios in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The album will be produced by Textures’ guitar player Jochem Jacobs, who also was responsible for the production of Textures’ previous albums.

Guitarist and producer Jacobs described the progress in the album recording as:

It's all really exciting! This album is really going to express where and what we are these days... and that's a good thing. We've been through a lot lately, especially the last year. Now with some new air and fresh ideas, we finally reached the point that we are actually quite confident in the new material. Sometimes you just have to crawl through the mud first to get to dry grounds. We are in the middle of the preproduction now, getting our asses in gear... to create this baby. It's kinda cool to see this band grow more and more and to continue this musical journey that we've been on for 10 years! Let's make this thing heavy!!! [9]

In March 2011 the band released their first podcast covering the band's return to the studio for recording their fourth album. The new album was recorded in the Split Second Sound studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Jacobs and Broks stated that the new album was scheduled for release in Fall 2011 with Nuclear Blast Records. In May 2011 the band confirmed their first European Launch show at the Euroblast Festival in Köln, Germany in October alongside Chimp Spanner.

On 11 May 2011, guitarist Jacobs was adjudged the best Dutch guitarist in the Duiveltjes awards at the Gala van de Pop Muziek 2011 organized by Muziek Centrum Nederland, beating out Anne Soldaat and Vedran Mircetic. [10] [11]

On 14 July 2011 it was announced that the successor to Silhouettes would be titled Dualism . The artwork and track listing were unveiled on Textures official Facebook page and it was released on 23 September in Europe, South America and Asia, while North America had a 27 September release date through Nuclear Blast records.

The first single from the album "Reaching Home" was released alongside a music video.

In September 2011, Textures embarked on the Frak The Gods Tour, along with Periphery, The Contortionist and The Human Abstract in support of their album Dualism. This was Textures first tour of the United States.

Jacobs's departure, Phenotype and break-up (2012-2017)

In January 2013, Jochem Jacobs announced he was leaving the band, but would remain writing and producing with the band. He was replaced by Joe Tal on 20 March.

In February 2016, Textures released their fifth album, Phenotype. It was recorded at the same time as another album, Genotype, which was set to be released in 2017, and both could be considered the parts of a double album due to a similar concept. [12] Unfortunately, in May 2017, the band also announced they would be splitting up after a farewell tour held in autumn, and the Genotype album would never be released. The band performed their final shows on 2 December 2017 in their hometown of Tilburg, [1] and on 8 December 2017 in Pune, India where they had performed in 2013 with a line of up three guitarists.

Musical style

The band played a complex and innovative style, influenced by progressive metal and metalcore. They also incorporated melodic interludes and experimented with a wide variety of electronic atmospherics. On their first release, Polars , they also experimented with ambient soundscapes, before fusing the ambient and riffs together more closely on later releases.


Singles/music videos

Band members


Textures (band)

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Phenotype is the fifth and final studio album by Dutch heavy metal band Textures, released on February 5, 2016.


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