Théâtre Malakoff

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The Théâtre Malakoff was a theatre venue now disestablished, formerly located at 56 bis Avenue de Malakoff (today Avenue Raymond-Poincaré) in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

On 22 December 1912, Aurélien Lugné-Poe premiered there the play The Annunciation of Marie by Paul Claudel with the company of the Théâtre de l'Œuvre.

Coordinates: 48°52′24″N2°17′04″E / 48.8733°N 2.2844°E / 48.8733; 2.2844

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USM Malakoff (football) Football team in Malakoff, France

Union Sportive Municipale de Malakoff is a football team located in Malakoff, France. It is the football section of the parent multi-sport club USM Malakoff. The team plays in the Départemental 3, the eleventh tier of French football. The club's colours are blue and red.