Théâtre de Gennevilliers

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The theater from the outside

The théâtre de Gennevilliers is a French national dramatic center inaugurated on 22 January 1983, 19 years after the arrival of Bernard Sobel at Gennevilliers in the Hauts-de-Seine departement.

In 2007, Bernard Sobel is succeeded by Pascal Rambert as director of the place.

48°54′51″N2°17′59″E / 48.9143°N 2.2998°E / 48.9143; 2.2998

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The canton of Gennevilliers is an administrative division of the Hauts-de-Seine department, in northern France. It was created at the French canton reorganisation which came into effect in March 2015. Its seat is in Gennevilliers.

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