Théâtre du Silence

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Theater of the silence
General information
NameTheater of the silence
Local nameThéâtre du Silence
Year founded1972
Principal venue La Rochelle,
Senior staff
DirectorJacques Garnier,
Brigitte Lefevre

Théâtre du Silence (Theatre of silence) was a dance company created by Jacques Garnier and Brigitte Lefèvre. [1] [2]



Founded by two Paris Opera Ballet dancers, Théâtre du Silence was one of the most famous dance companies in France. Its debut took place in 1972 at Théâtre de la Ville in Paris. From 1974 to 1985 the company was located in La Rochelle.

Théâtre du Silence created many contemporary dance ballets, mostly choreographed by Jacques Garnier or Brigitte Lefévre. Choreographers such as Maurice Béjart, Merce Cunningham, David Gordon, Robert Kovitch ou Lar Lubovitch worked for the Théâtre du Silence and played an important role in spreading contemporary dance in France.


Jacques Garnier

Brigitte Lefèvre



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