Théniet El Had

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Theniet El Had
Town / District / Commune
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Theniet El Had
Location within Algeria
Coordinates: 35°52′15″N2°01′44″E / 35.87083°N 2.02889°E / 35.87083; 2.02889 Coordinates: 35°52′15″N2°01′44″E / 35.87083°N 2.02889°E / 35.87083; 2.02889
Country Algeria
Province Tissemsilt
Postal code
38003 (38200)
Calling code+213 (0) 4648

Théniet El Had is a Town, District and Commune in Algeria. It is located near the Théniet El Had National Park.

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Théniet El Had National Park national park

The Théniet El Had National Park is one of the 10 national parks of Algeria. It is located in Tissemsilt Province, named after Théniet El Haâd, a town near this park.

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Théniet El Had is a district in Tissemsilt Province, Algeria. It was named after its capital, Théniet El Had. Théniet El Had National Park is there.

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Ouarsenis mountains in Algeria

The Ouarsenis or Ouanchariss is a mountain range and inhabited region in northwestern Algeria.

Bakhti Belaïb was an Algerian politician. He was born in Théniet El Had and educated at the Lycée Ferroukhi in Miliana. He served as the Algerian Ministry of Trade in 1982, and served as its Minister twice. He died of cancer in Paris, France.

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