Théodore-Gérard Hanssen

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Théodore-Gérard Hanssen, best known under the name Théo Hanssen (10 August 1885, Wonck - 29 May 1957, Roanne) was a Belgian stained glass artist mainly active in France. His windows include some of those at Notre-Dame de la Trinité Basilica in Blois. He also painted in oils and watercolour, worked in enamel and designed church vestments, as well as being an amateur musician.

Roanne Subprefecture and commune in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Roanne is a commune in the Loire department in central France.

Notre-Dame de la Trinité Basilica is a Roman Catholic basilica church located in Blois, in the Loir-et-Cher department of France. It is dedicated to the Our Lady of the Trinity.

Blois Prefecture and commune in Centre-Val de Loire, France

Blois is a city and the capital of Loir-et-Cher department in central France, situated on the banks of the lower river Loire between Orléans and Tours.

He is considered as one of the main revivers of glass-making techniques, alongside Louis Barillet and Jacques Le Chevallier, with whom he worked in Paris between 1920 and 1940 as collaborators at the Atelier Barillet. He moved to Roanne during World War Two and there taught Pierre Étaix.

Louis Barillet was a French artist, known for his work in stained glass. Among those with whom he collaborated were Théodore-Gérard Hanssen and Jacques Le Chevallier. His windows may be seen in the church of Notre-Dame-des-Missions-du-cygne d'Enghien.

Jacques Le Chevallier was a French glassmaker, decorative artist, illustrator, and engraver. He was mobilized during World War I; after the war he became a master artisan in the studio of Louis Barillet, with whom he remained until 1945. His collaborators there included Théodore-Gérard Hanssen.

Pierre Étaix French clown, comedian and filmmaker

Pierre Étaix was a French clown, comedian and filmmaker. Étaix made a series of short- and feature-length films in the 1960s, many of them co-written by influential screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière. He won an Academy Award for best live action short film in 1963. Due to a legal dispute with a distribution company, his films were unavailable from the 1970s until 2009.


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Venus (French:Vénus) is a 1929 French silent drama film directed by Louis Mercanton and starring Constance Talmadge, André Roanne and Jean Murat. It is based on a story by Jean Vignaud.

Pierre Barillet was a French playwright.