Théodose Du Moncel

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Théodose Du Moncel
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Born6 March 1821
Died16 February 1884(1884-02-16) (aged 62)

Théodore Achille Louis du Moncel (6 March 1821 – 16 February 1884) was a prominent French physicist and advocate of the use of electricity. He invented many electrical devices and wrote several books.


He also worked as a popularizer of knowledge on electricity.

In 1879, he founded the journal La lumière électrique .

He is one of the founders of the Société Nationale des Sciences Naturelles et Mathématiques of Cherbourg.

He was conseiller général of the Manche département (1861–1870) (Canton of Cherbourg-Octeville-Sud-Ouest).

He was member of the French Academy of Sciences.

Personal life

He married Camille Bachasson de Montalivet (1 September 1832–1887) on 28 November 1849. They had one daughter, Amélie du Moncel (1851–1909), who married Georges Dursus, comte de Courcy (born 1838), and they had two children:




Many articles in La Lumière électrique, among them:

Academy of Science presentation:


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