Théophile Rudolphe Studer

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Théophile Rudolphe Studer

Théophile Rudolphe Studer (27 November 1845 – 12 February 1922) was a Swiss ornithologist and marine biologist.

From 1871 to 1922 he was a curator of zoological collections at the museum of natural history in Berne. In 1874–1876 he took part in a scientific journey aboard the German frigate "S.M.S. Gazelle". Two years after his return he was a professor of zoology and comparative anatomy at the school of veterinary medicine in Berne. [1] [2]

Published works

With Victor Fatio (1838-1906), he published the first three installments of Catalogue des oiseaux de la Suisse (Catalogue of birds of Switzerland). Other writings by Studer include:

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