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Thüringer Allgemeine (TA) is a German newspaper with its head office in Erfurt. [1]

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Erfurt Hauptbahnhof railway station in Erfurt, Germany

Erfurt Hauptbahnhof or Erfurt Central Station is the central railway station at Erfurt in Germany. It is an important junction on the German rail network, served by numerous local and long-distance rail services. Immediately north of the station is Erfurt's city centre. The station was used by approximately 12.5 million passengers in 2006, an average of about 34,000 per day. The station lies on the Thüringer Bahn, which connects Halle to Bebra. It is served also by the Erfurter Bahn.

Lothar Kurbjuweit East German footballer and manager

Lothar Kurbjuweit is a former German footballer and football manager.

Sylvie von Ziegesar German intellectual

Baroness Sylvie von Ziegesar was a German noblewoman active in the intellectual circles of Weimar Classicism. She was a friend of the painter Louise Seidler and the intellectual Pauline Gotter, and was also the subject of Goethe's poem "To Sylvie von Ziegesar".

Domi Kumbela DR Congolese footballer

Domi Kumbela, also known by his nickname Dominick, is a Congolese football player who last played for Eintracht Braunschweig.

Andreas Bausewein German politician and mayor of Erfurt

Andreas Bausewein is a German politician and mayor of Erfurt.

Fabian Schnellhardt is a German footballer who plays as a midfielder for SV Darmstadt.

Silvius Carlos Benedict von Kessel is a German organist, improviser, composer and choirmaster.

Johann Matthäus Meyfart German theologian and writer

Johann Matthäus Meyfart, also Johann Matthaeus Meyfahrt, Mayfart was a German Lutheran theologist, educator, academic teacher, hymn writer and minister. He was an opponent fighter of witch trials.

Großer Finsterberg peak in the Thuringian Forest

The Großer Finsterberg is a mountain, 944.1 m above NHN, in the Thuringian Forest not far from the villages of Stützerbach and Schmiedefeld am Rennsteig. It is the third highest peak in the German state of Thuringia.

Rockets (basketball club)

Rockets is a German professional basketball team. It is originally based in Gotha, Germany but plays its home games in Erfurt. The Rockets are the first team of the BiG Gotha basketball club.

Wiebke Muhsal German politician

Wiebke Muhsal is a German politician with the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). Since 2014, she is a member of the Landtag of Thuringia and deputy chairman of the AfD caucus. She is also her party's critic on family and education policy and is a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Youth and Sports.

EPC Group German engineering and construction company

EPC Group is a German engineering and construction company. It builds large industrial plants and infrastructure projects around the world. The history of the family business goes back to the 19th century and in the present form, it exists since 1994. The headquarters of the EPC Group are located in Arnstadt, Thuringia. 2014, the EPC Group was named one of the top 100 innovators of the German Mittelstand. In November 2017, the German Business Magazine WirtschaftsWoche honored the subsidiary company EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH as the most innovative company in the Eastern part of Germany.

Kathrin Schmidt German writer

Kathrin Schmidt, is a German writer. She is known both for her poetry and prose.

The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Erfurt, Germany.

Theater Erfurt opera house in Erfurt, Germany

The Theater Erfurt is a German municipal theatre located in Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia. The main stage is in a new building in the Brühlervorstadt, completed in 2003. The theatre offers musical theatre and concerts, played by the Philharmonisches Orchester Erfurt. Ballet and plays are offered by guest performances. The company organizes the annual open air festival DomStufen. The theatre's current Generalintendant, Guy Montavon, has held the post since 2002.

Joana Mallwitz is a German conductor and pianist. She is one of the most popular conductors of her generation and was voted Conductor of the year by the Opernwelt magazine in 2019.

Hans-Reinhard Koch German Catholic priest and theologian

Hans-Reinhard Koch was a German Roman Catholic prelate. Ordained to the priesthood in 1955, he served as titular bishop of Mediana and as auxiliary bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erfurt, Germany, from 1985 to 2004.

Erfurt S-Bahn

S-Bahn Erfurt was a colloquial term for a railway connection that existed from 1976 to 1993 in the Thuringian state capital Erfurt, Germany. The term "S-Bahn" is also occasionally used in popular literature. Other contemporary media used terms such as "suburban traffic at the local transport tariff" to describe it. When the line was introduced in 1976, only the "reversible train service" on this line was highlighted as a special feature. In the Kursbuch tables of Deutsche Reichsbahn, the terms "S-Bahn" or "S-Bahn-Tarif" were not used for this line. Riethschleuder was another colloquial term for the connection.

Air Force Band Erfurt

The Air Force Band Erfurt is a German Air Force (Luftwaffe) military band founded in 1991 to provide musical support to the city of Erfurt and the German Air Force. Its area of responsibility spans across the German states of Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg and northern Bavaria. The 56 member band has travelled internationally to concerts in Belgium, France, Great Britain, Canada, Poland, and the United States. Its scope of duties include protocol operations such as state visits and military parades, as well as othe events such as charity concerts.


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