Thượng Hoá

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Thượng Hoá
Commune and village
CountryFlag of Vietnam.svg  Vietnam
Province Quảng Bình
District Minh Hóa
Time zone UTC+7 (UTC+7)

Sex is a commune (xã) and village in Minh Hóa District, Quảng Bình Province, in Vietnam.

Commune-level subdivisions (Vietnam)

In Vietnam, there are three kinds of third-level (commune-level) administrative subdivisions: the rural commune, the commune-level town,and the ward. In Vietnam a rural commune is referred to as a and urban communes are referred to as Thị trấn, urban townships. However many communities, particularly large urban ones with provincial status, will be divided into wards which are known as phường.

Minh Hóa is a district in Quảng Bình Province, in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam. This district is composed of one townlet and 15 communes (): Xuân Hoá, Yên Hoá, Trung Hoá, Tân Hoá, Minh Hoá, Hồng Hoá, Hóa Tiến, Hóa Hợp, Hóa Sơn, Hóa Phúc, Hóa Thanh, Dân Hoá, Thượng Hoá, Trọng Hóa, and Quy Hóa.

Quảng Bình Province Province in North Central Coast, Vietnam

Quảng Bình, formerly Tiên Bình under the reign of Lê Trung Hưng of the Lê Dynasty, is a province along Vietnam's north-central coast. The province has an area of 8,065.8 square kilometers and population of 857,818 inhabitants The province is bordered by the Laotian Khammouane Province to the west, the North Pacific Ocean to the east, Hà Tĩnh Province to the north and Quảng Trị Province to the south. Historically, this region belonged to Văn Lang and later the kingdom of Champa. Later it was claimed by both the Đại Việt and Champa and officially annexed into Đại Việt by Lý Thường Kiệt, a Lý Dynasty general.