Thạch Bảo Khanh

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Thạch Bảo Khanh
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Personal information
Full name Thạch Bảo Khanh
Date of birth (1979-04-25) April 25, 1979 (age 44)
Place of birth Tây Hồ, Hanoi, Vietnam
Height 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Position(s) Winger, Second striker
Youth career
1992–1997 Thể Công
Senior career*
1998–2009 Thể Công 233 (36)
2009–2010 Lam Sơn Thanh Hóa 24 (12)
2010–2014 Hà Nội 32 (10)
International career
1998–2006 Vietnam U23 12 (4)
2002–2008 Vietnam 22 (6)
Managerial career
2022 Công An Nhân Dân
2022– Viettel
*Club domestic league appearances and goals

Thạch Bảo Khanh (born April 25, 1979) is the retired Vietnamese footballer. He is a member of Vietnam national football team since 2002. he is the current manager V.League 1 club Viettel. He is best known for his performance at 2004 Tiger Cup even though Vietnam was relegated from the group-stage.


International goal

1.August 20, 2004 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Flag of Myanmar (1974-2010).svg  Myanmar 5-0Won Ho Chi Minh City Cup
2.August 24, 2004 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Flag of India.svg  India 2-1Won Ho Chi Minh City Cup
3.December 7, 2004 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Flag of Singapore.svg  Singapore 1-1Draw 2004 Tiger Cup
4.December 9, 2004 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Flag of Cambodia.svg  Cambodia 9-1Won 2004 Tiger Cup
5.December 9, 2004 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Flag of Cambodia.svg  Cambodia 9-1Won 2004 Tiger Cup
6.December 15, 2004 Hanoi, Vietnam Flag of Laos.svg  Laos 3-0Won 2004 Tiger Cup

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