Thạch Kim Tuấn

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Thạch Kim Tuấn
Personal information
Born (1994-01-15) 15 January 1994 (age 29)
Hàm Tân, Bình Thuận, Vietnam
Height1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)
Weight56 kg (123 lb)
Achievements and titles
Personal best(s)
  • Snatch: 135 kg (2014, JWR , AR )
  • Clean and jerk: 161 kg (2014)
  • Total: 296 kg (2014, JWR )
Medal record
Men's weightlifting
Representing Flag of Vietnam.svg  Vietnam
World Championships
Gold medal icon (G initial).svg 2017 Anaheim –56 kg
Silver medal icon (S initial).svg 2014 Almaty –56 kg
Bronze medal icon (B initial).svg 2013 Wrocław –56 kg
Bronze medal icon (B initial).svg 2015 Houston –56 kg
Asian Games
Silver medal icon (S initial).svg 2014 Incheon –56 kg
Silver medal icon (S initial).svg 2018 Jakarta –56 kg
Asian Championships
Silver medal icon (S initial).svg 2013 Astana –56 kg
Southeast Asian Games
Gold medal icon (G initial).svg 2013 Naypyidaw –56 kg
Gold medal icon (G initial).svg 2017 Kuala Lampur –56 kg
Bronze medal icon (B initial).svg 2011 Palembang –56 kg
Junior World Championships
Gold medal icon (G initial).svg2014 Kazan–56 kg
Bronze medal icon (B initial).svg2011 Penang–56 kg
Youth Olympic Games
Gold medal icon (G initial).svg 2010 Singapore –56 kg
Youth World Championships
Silver medal icon (S initial).svg2009 Chiang Mai–50 kg
Junior Asian Championships
Gold medal icon (G initial).svg2012 Yangoon–56 kg
Youth Asian Championships
Gold medal icon (G initial).svg2011 Pattaya–56 kg

Thạch Kim Tuấn (born 15 January 1994) is a Vietnamese weightlifter of Khmer descent. He won a silver and two bronze medals at the 2011 World Junior Weightlifting Championships in Malaysia. [1] Dubbed the "young hope" by the Vietnam Athletes Association for Weightlifting at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's 56 kg but did not qualify. [2] However, he did manage to win a silver medal at the following year's Asian Championships.


Major results

YearVenueWeightSnatch (kg)Clean & Jerk (kg)TotalRank
Olympic Games
2016 Flag of Brazil.svg Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 56 kg 1301301334157160160------
2020 Flag of Japan.svg Tokyo, Japan 61 kg 1261261308150150153------
World Championships
2011 Flag of France.svg Paris, France 56 kg 1251251294149151151------
2013 Flag of Poland.svg Wrocław, Poland 56 kg 126130131Bronze medal icon.svg152155157Bronze medal icon.svg283Bronze medal icon.svg
2014 Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Almaty, Kazakhstan 56 kg 130134135Gold medal icon.svg156156161Silver medal icon.svg296Silver medal icon.svg
2015 Flag of the United States.svg Houston, United States 56 kg 13013013341511531574287Bronze medal icon.svg
2017 Flag of the United States.svg Anaheim, United States 56 kg 123126129Gold medal icon.svg150153158Gold medal icon.svg279Gold medal icon.svg
2018 Flag of Turkmenistan.svg Ashgabat, Turkmenistan 61 kg 135139139516316316762985
2019 Flag of Thailand.svg Pattaya, Thailand 61 kg 133136136516316716762964
Asian Games
2014 Flag of South Korea.svg Incheon, South Korea 56 kg 13013013411561601621294Silver medal icon.svg
2018 Flag of Indonesia.svg Jakarta, Indonesia 56 kg 12812813211521601613280Silver medal icon.svg
Asian Championships
2012 Flag of South Korea.svg Pyeongtaek, South Korea 56 kg122124126Bronze medal icon.svg14515015062694
2013 Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Astana, Kazakhstan 56 kg125125127Silver medal icon.svg153156161Silver medal icon.svg281Silver medal icon.svg
2019 Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Ningbo, China 61 kg132135136Silver medal icon.svg16116516662975
2020 Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Tashkent, Uzbekistan 61 kg1251281316151152152------

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